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Goodbye, Ryan Davis. China Don't Care

I am by no means a writer but I had words to get out of my mind, here is the mess.

It was maybe ‘05 or ‘06 when I suppose I actually thought to find out who was writing the articles I was reading specifically about video games, One of the first names I remember as Jeff Gerstmann he wrote in a way I really enjoyed and although I may not have always agreed I liked how he wrote and his voice in doing so. I saw videos here and there The Hotspot on Gamespot was how I was introduced to Ryan, he was funny and seemed extremely affable I liked him. Him and Jeff were great personalities and I enjoyed what i watched but never made it a point to watch every episode it was always just there. When the Kane and Lynch debacle wen down I cut ties to Gamespot I felt it was a sham I disliked it and never wanted to go back. It wasn’t until a while after with the Arrow Pointing Down podcast did I find the need to listen every time the two decided to talk about Gatorade or maybe even Videogames. I was still in high school when GiantBomb came about I’d wait up late nights for the bombcast to be put up online and skip out on sleep my senior year just to hear what they had to say.

I was there when Brad, Vinny and Patrick joined the site and loved everything they had to give me. In it all Ryan always brought out the best in those around him his silly laugh and need to make a joke out of everything was extremely endearing to me. I met Ryan once at Pax of 2012 it was brief but even though I was a bit rude and interrupted him he still made me feel like nothing was further from the truth, He shook my hand and seemed genuinely interested in making me feel wanted. The news this morning was heartbreaking I got the news at work and even though our meeting was merely momentary I felt I lost a friend, I heard Ryan speak for over 1000+ hours about all matters of things Gatorade, China Not Caring, Cakes and sure videogames. I knew he was Summerjam King I knew of his love of the Olympics but the thing I knew best of all was his laugh it lightened up everything it felt warm and sunny.

Really Im not even sure why I wrote this, I needed to vent perhaps all I know Is we’ve lost someone who has become an almost daily staple of my life and I am truly sanded at the loss, My heart goes out to his family and his wife who lost their kin way too soon, as well as to Jeff, Vinny , Brad and the rest of his Giant Bomb family. There is a hole in your lives that I can only barely understand. Ryan Davis is gone but the memory of him will live on forever in our hearts in minds. Ill end with a Quote I saw posted today that seemed fitting

"Say not in grief: ‘He is no more.’ but live in thankfulness that he was."

It’s over for now Duder, China Don’t Care.