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Professor Layton's last adventure goes from puzzle solving to just puzzling. 0

Professor Layton was never as stylish as a certain Ace Attorney, or as dangerous as a situation with Zero Escape, but he was always a true gentleman who needed nothing more than a good cup of tea and a puzzle. The latest adventure, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, is the finale of the prequel trilogy, and supposed to be the last game starring the hat-wearing professor. Unfortunately this isn’t the finest cup of tea Level 5 has produced. This is the sixth game with the familiar formul...

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An interesting combination of card battles and managing resources 2

When the latest Uncharted game was revealed to be a card game, some people were mad. Others were disappointed, while everyone else was just confused. There is nothing about Uncharted: Fight for Fortune that will rival any of the moments in the main series, and it doesn't need to. One Loop Games and Bend Studio take advantage of making a card game for the Vita, combining cards with resource management to create a game that is focuses on strategy during the game instead of building the best deck t...

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Ally or Betray, whichever you choose, do not overlook this game. 13

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors came out of nowhere. A dark  visual novel with great puzzles and an even better story. When Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (VLR) was announced, I was instantly onboard. I was mad at that game when I finished. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever been angry at a game as much as I’ve been with VLR. The game does end on a big cliffhanger, but mainly I was mad that there was nothing left to do in it, and that my time with it came to an end. Virtue’s Last Reward i...

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"We are not here to play God..." 0

The story in a lot of games is an afterthought, merely glue to hold together the various gameplay elements or the backdrop to a training exercise for multiplayer. Freebird Games’ “To the Moon” flips this, the story is the main attraction, and the gameplay as the glue. For almost any other game, this is a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly, the story of “To the Moon” is worthy of being the main attraction and the actual game is the perfect supporting act. This combined with an art style that chann...

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No racing? No problem. 1

Let's get this out of the way, this is not a proper follow-up to the Burnout series. If you come into Burnout CRASH! expecting a racing game, turn around and leave now. Hell, if you expect it to be exactly like the crash mode in the older Burnout games, you will be disappointed as well. This is a brand new take on that game mode. Does that mean this top-down game is bad? Not by a long shot.The object of Crash is to cause the most damaging wreck, measured in dollar amount. Crash will start you dr...

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Lacks Fire, but has plenty of Heart 1

I'm going to get this out of the way, I've never been a big fan of Cartoon Network's original cartoons. Aside from the Powerpuff Girls, I have never actually taken time out of my schedule to watch any of their shows. But somehow I have been able to be familiar with most of the characters, so Crave's Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion intrigued me. There are plenty of serious fighting games on the 3DS, but none for the casual market. Does PTE have enough Chemical X to make it a perfect Tennyson...

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Professor Layton's dirty, grimy counterpart 0

While there are many types of games in the PlayStation Store, the point-and-click adventure genre is barely represented. Red Johnson's Chronicles, released by French developer Lexis Numérique , is an adventure game that takes place in the grimy Metropolis City. You play as Red Johnson, a private investigator in a town where the police is incompetent. Red Johnson's Chronicles revolves around the murder of Eddy Lexter. Once you start your investigation, you find out that Eddy was hate...

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A beautiful show of lights. 0

 Things start simple Dain Saint and William Stallwood of Cipher Prime released the original Auditorium back in January of 2009, almost two years later the flash game finally makes it to a console with Auditorium HD. There are new stages added, but the intro cutscene is a clear reminder that this is a flash game ported to the Pla yStation 3. Don't let this get you down though. Auditorium HD is definitely a great game, and those who stick around until the curtain falls will be treated...

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As refreshing as a dive into a pit of spikes. 0

  Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Just saying the full name of the game has a weird feeling to it. Sonic games have been getting churned out yearly, with quality ranging from mediocre to abysmal. Dimps, the folks behind the portable Sonic games, have tried to bring back that sense of fun that people had with the original series. They fail. Instead they give a game that not only fails at bringing something new, but also manages to taint your memories of the original games. Lets ge...

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You Want Me to Stick My Fingers WHERE!? 1

Japan Studio's Finger Connection is another game in their 2-player games that require one PSP. This one is a little bit different. Instead of each player using buttons and a shoulder button on each side, each player uses their whole hand on the screen.   Have you ever played Twister? My guess is that half of you that just said yes are lying. Twister is a board game where you spin a spinner and have to place a body part on a mat. The mat has colored dots where you place your body. For example "Le...

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Funny, Simple, and (Probably) Too Short 7

The PSP Mini selection is full of bittersweet games. And Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess is one of these games.   The story revolves around you, The Duke. A vampire who is snoozing in his castle when he is awakened by crashing noises. He goes to check on his beloved princess when he finds out she is gone. This leads to him going to the homes of several monsters to kick their ass, and to find his princess (probably).    The gameplay is painfully simple. It is a vertical platformer like I...

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Your music becomes the enemy. 0

Dual-stick shooters are nothing new, there have been many ranging from mainstream addiction to artistic displays. Cold Beam Games's Beat Hazard has been on the 360's Indie Games service since October of last year, but recently came to Steam.   Like a lot of dual-stick shooters, you have your power-ups (Volume power-ups boost your damage, Power increases your rate of fire) and bombs. There are asteroids that float around and various different types of enemies that try to take you out.  I...

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Everything You'd Expect From a Junior League. 0

XS's latest PlayStation "classic" is a dodgeball game that is similar to Super Dodgeball, but numerous technical issues keep it from being worth the money. This game has a very simple approach, there is a tournament mode, where you battle through various exotic dodgeball locales such as Parking Lot, Mansion, and the ever popular Gymnasium.    There are 8 different characters you can select, these people will be leading your team. If you haven't played Super Dodgeball before, the set up is lik...

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