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Do It Yourself? OK! 0

If you can create your very own microgame, then you can make your very own! First, you can determine what game you'll be making, then add your drawings, music, game's time limit, and more! Then, you send it to the game itself and ... POOF! You got your very own microgame. That's why in WarioWare D.I.Y, you can make one for yourself and you can also send the game to the Wii in WarioWare D.I.Y Showcase and you can play your own. For this review, I gave it a 5 because this game is a masterpiece so,...

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It's Party Time Once Again For Mario and co. 0

So many minigames, so much partying for Mario and co. in this Mario Party game. The story follows Mario and crew seeing the first Sky Crystal and they also got invited to Bowser's party for being such a jerk but... Bowser tricked them and he shrunken the gang! But in the end they are back to normal and decided to let Bowser join in on the fun. Now for the best part: the review! I say this is an awesome game for fans of the series....

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Ready... Fight! 0

A fighting game fit for everyone and the best part about the game is that you can now use Sonic and Snake. The stages are amazing in my favor, the soundtrack is excellent for all of us and the all new story mode puts you in the arena. So if you want to fight in the brawl, then you got to play this game. A fighting game deserves a perfect score and just like the other 2 installments, it is amazing! So, I give this game a perfect score of 5 stars and the best part about it... online tournament! Ar...

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Speed up and race to the finish line with Mario and the gang. 0

My favorite racing game of the Mario Kart series and believe me, it's awesome! The courses are awesome, the songs are awesome and the graphics are perfect! With the addition of Rosalina and Baby Daisy, I always come back to the starting line and watch for the green light summoned by Lakitu. The best part about the game is the Wii Wheel and if you love racing to the finish line all by yourself in single-player matches and Grand Prix racing, there's also online racing and multiplayer action. So I ...

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A Galaxy Fit For Mario 1

First of all, the game is amazing if you ask me. So many enemies to fight, many galaxies to discover and the starring role is amazing! The best part about the game is collecting stars. Rosalina's debut in the game is cool. So I say it's a great game and I give it a 5 because it's very awesome!...

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