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big money 0

This game is pretty fun. I like that you can change the level of puzzles from easy to hard. One thing is that it takee to play one game. Oh and good luck finding someone to play online with.It would have been awesomer to have your xbox avatar as a player rather than having to go through and create another character. I get tired of creating characters in all these games, now i just hit randomize anyways. its ok though its a rental game ....

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group B 0

WRC, WRC , WRC yaay thanks to ken block being in the real WRC i guess they can finally make it right in the dirt series. And thanks for bringing back group B, i loved that when they were really racing that class for real in wrc back in the day and im so excited to be able to race it. The RV is gone too! AND Gymkhana is so fun and adds elements of other game types to racing which is cool. rather than just completing a race and then re racing it endlessly to shave off .007th of a sec off your lap ...

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Cliff hanger at the local arcade 0

I remember playing Cliffhanger at the local arcade. I t came right after Dragons Lair. I wasnt much into D&D so i wasnt interested in the theme of Dragons Lair.  But Cliffhanger was so cool because it was like the first time any of us saw anime style art. It captured my imagination for the style and kept me interested. I played the game over and over that first week and finally finished it and was just so happy i wanted to keep going. The sound that it made when you made a coorect move with ...

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Ripper 0

Hmmm what can I remember about this game? well, for one it had the awesome dont fear the reaper as the title song and it played various times through the game, loved that part.  Two, it had christopher walken, I mean cmon the guy is spectacular even in this game! It was fun and the puzzles were challenging too. Wish i had it still but it took 7? disks to play so you had to keep changing them out all the time.  If you find it play it it is cool.  Hopefully they have the answers and solutions to t...

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dj hero review 0

I love this game. Its a rythym game that is very hard when you get to expert level. My whole family loves and plays this game. 2 problems with this game 1. no one plays online, so your kinda stuck by yourself . 2. it makes you feel like you can really dj , you cant, or i cant .  I love the beck mixes and jay z mixes. i even have a mic so we can do rap and stuff....

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