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Deep, smart, replayable, non-sterile strategy, 0

GalCiv is simply one of the most immersive, addictive strategy games i've played (right next to the HOMM series). I just loved the atmosphere it creates right from the get go, and the story that YOU create, which is always interesting and fun to reflect on at the end of a game. GalCiv gives you so much control as to how the game plays and unfolds, but isn't too free that its a mess. Its VERY well organised and is a joy to experience! The tech tree is very deep and well structured. All research ...

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A Fighting game thats addictive, long-lasting and smart 0

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution is sucking my life away and I love it! I never knew a fighting game could be so addictive, long lasting and smart! The AI is really something special here.. The AI strength is spread over hundreds of different AI models, so the level of AI is a very smooth curve rather than a sharp incremented one that ramps up over 8-10 levels in arcade mode (although there is an arcade mode, quest mode is where all your time will be spent!). Also, the AI (and yourself) are very wel...

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Flashy Production, shallow substance 1

This game has got some of the highest production values ever to grace the PS2. The music is great, the graphics are great, the architecture is great, and all these things work together really seamlessly. So as an audio/visual experience God of War is a real treat. The biggest downfall is the part where God of War is supposed to be a GAME. Where you make a difference in how the game pans out. God of War gives you just about as little choices as is possible in todays gaming world. On top of this,...

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Gradius V = Slick but Sterile R-Type Final = Organic and Soulful 0

Gradius V is your more 'typical' side scrolling space shooter. For something a little more alternative, ambient and atmospheric go for R-Type final. The amount of ships you can unlock is unbelievable - and they are all very unique from each other (they differ in looks and special abilities/guns). You end up falling in love with some of these ships as they have distinct character, are very well designed and have very cool names. The music is quite ambient and sets a fantastic mood. The whole t...

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A solid SRPG with a great sense of fun and humor. 0

Unlike most SRPGs, this game's 'rules' and general gameplay are very loose and relaxed. You don't feel like you are on rails when developing your team, or battling out on a map. There are certain 'rules' that can be exploited, but somehow don't spoil your game experience, they rather enhance the possibilities - almost like the developers expect you to exploit the system they built. Developing your team is very free and open, because while there is A LOT of variety in possible teams (and I mean...

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