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RelentlessKnight: Best of 2009

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  • A Summer-action or fall blockbuster coming to a theater near you! Seriously, everything in this game seems to be a fitting for a movie. The storyline, characters, action to just hours and hours of pure awesomeness! It's the series that I'd neglected before but now adored! Definitely GAME OF THE YEAR Material! Folks! Nathan Drake, you are my HERO!

  • Ok! There are tons of stuff I could say about this game. Alot of people know it already. From the outstanding multiplayer, the plot in the single-player that still pertains us awesome and even the prestige edition that came with the night-vision goggles. It's really an awesome game... too awesome that I can't find a fricken copy of this game in store shelves and everyone including kids are playing it! Also the game includes a fricken war-zone in America, specifically in FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE..... DUDE! SERIOUSLY! How FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT?! Never before I saw a game that brings the fight to their own country!

  • Ever since Neverwinter Nights, Bioware had been mad awesome with its games. Everything from the lore, gameplay, interesting dialogue options that isometric view of role-playing to almost everything else that was unique to those games, was enhanced in this game. Specifically those sex scenes which turns out to be GAY SEXUAL CONTENT, if you know what I am saying! Now I still wonder how I could ever play this game on the PC?

  • SHATTERED MEMORIES! Having played the original, I see that the likeness of the main character is different and it's certainly a re-imagining of the setting and plot. Plus a freaky psychiatric test that screws up over during game-play and that creepy therapist!

  • I couldn't get away from this game! It looks addicting even though I didn't even play it! Looking at the stream of this game and just astounded by its new gameplay and graphical quirks is eye-popping. This is yet better than Batman even though Batman deserves top ten! But I couldn't resist the temptation of not putting this in because this was my treasured RTS!

  • I had neglected my Playstation Portable for too long! This game was the evidence that I'd finally picked up this game after its previous attempts on picking it up with my saved file from Metal Gear Portable Ops and failed. But I digress.... Not only does it have a badass name for a title! The brawler-esque gameplay is addicting, the open-world of walking like a badass or a Japanese Badass, eyeing everyone with your laser stare and that insane mini-game of laser-staring your rivals down with WORDS OF FURY! It's yet a otaku-spirited game with its ambiguity of being like some anime and having some sort of backlog to bullies in Japan or the ones that seems cool but not in realization within non-otaku or weaboos' eyes only!

  • Playing the first game, I could see the differences and the similarities which lingers in this game. They had actually improved like Uncharted 2, everything felt awesome and playable! It wasn't boring and the plot actually makes some sense, yet I see collecting and discovering areas through the map will seem to be a bore. All in all, I think this is an awesome game and yet an addicting one!

  • You couldn't really persists without Mario! But with co-op is even better! New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a funny, cute and addicting game that has it's own elements from the NES games and also added many creative quirks in it. Hours of fun, and hey! It's the nostalgia factor that pushes us to be playing Mario again!

  • Speaking about that nostalgia factor coming back to relive your inner childhood. Punch-Out!! is one of the games that I had never thought Nintendo would make it into a 3-D piece of awesomeness! Living the memories of your rage against King Hippo, Great Tiger, Piston Hondo to the ever loving Dou Louis! It's these memories that are crafted well into this game and had supplement with its addicting gameplay!

  • Despite having a flaw of its open-world gameplay and controls that it's company previous game, Mercs 2 has, it still is a blast to play! Having an appreciation on its setting, Okami-esque premise of turning Noir Paris into Colourful Paris and DUDE I had crave for a game set in France and especially a game that is during World War Two! In addition, the main protagonist is something that should be stereotyped or most likely to be ignored for being one. This game was my anticipated games of E3 and I was pleased that it wasn't a flop to me but to others.