There and Back Again, A Gamer's Holiday

This is Residentrevil2 here, sending a transmission from the Narcissus.

Well, recently I've been playing COD 4's multiplayer. I bought the game when it was released last November and fell in love with its short, but sweet single player campaign. But, I didn’t quite enjoy the online from the get-go. I didn’t enjoy the community, I sucked at the game, I felt outmatched and left out.

Everyone else seemed to be at level 25 or over when I first started. I was like a tiny one-finned guppy that fell out of his calm blue fish bowl, down the toilet and ended up in the dark salty ocean filled with sharks. I was immediately chewed up and spit out. I committed every rookie mistake like always firing at the hip and running straight towards a sniper. I quickly learned to enjoy the kill cam and appreciate the way I looked when I keeled over. However, I decided I’d stick with it though through the rude players and obnoxious kids that annihilated me round after round.

After much practice I managed to level up and gain perks which really changed the game for me. I was eventually knocking down helicopters with ease and tearing through the competition with a variety of weapons. I started smack talking like the rest of the community and enjoying myself.

But, then, I picked up a copy of Mass Effect and totally forgot about COD 4. I found a new love that lasted a few months. I moved on to Condemned 2: Bloodshot, then GTA IV and its multiplayer, which I really enjoyed, but the community there really killed the game for me. So, I decided to dust off COD 4 and play some single player again. I wanted to grab some more achievements that I hadn’t gotten yet.

I earned a few more achievement points; however there was this tired feeling growing in the back of my mind. I was slowly realizing that I didn’t like the game anymore. I felt disappointed, but how could that be I loved COD 4 seven months before, didn’t I? That’s when I remembered multiplayer. It had to be fun still, right? But, like my first time I was again lost and outmatched. And, like before I stuck it out and now I'm finally getting a hang of it and feeling confident with my 29th level lieutenant. I’m still not as good as those level 55 players, but I can give them a run for their money.

I think I’ll stick with this game for the rest of summer or until I find something better. I might pick up Eternal Sonata in July, but I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m not big into RPGs though something about ES intrigues me. Oh, well…

This is Residentrevil2, second to last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.