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Rio Starwind's Top 10 Games of 2017

Time is forever moving forward. It continues to tell me that I need to play this or that. Yet when the end of the year rolls around I’m always left with a pile of games that I just didn’t get around to. So before you start looking at the awesome list I made below I’m going to mention five games that I just didn’t play but look like they could have made this list.

Tokyo Dark A visual novel that has a bunch of adventure game elements. Add in some creepy mysticism and demons just to get me very interesting in what might be in store when I decide to hit play on Steam one day.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Fall in everyone and let me tell you a story about robot dinosaurs. That was all I needed to know yet the land of Hyrule got in my way. Since that point it has just been a cascade of other games that keep me from setting my sights on the beautiful world of Horizon.

Battle Chef Brigade Cooking up a storm has never looked this fun before. With what looks to be a perfect mixture of action that adds a bit of rpg on the side to make quite the delicious dish. Yet the final course is just as sweet since it adds that much needed match 3 element to the desert.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 With the change of art style over the last release in this series my interest in it with up. A focus on MMO like combat sounds okay too since I don’t have time for that style of game anymore. Kinda how I don’t have the 50+ hours needed to finish this one before the year ends.

Persona 5 So much style, so much flair, so much jazz, time is not fair.

I could keep this going for a while since this year has an absurd amount of video games that tend to be really good. Yet picking the top ten didn’t end up being that hard. So with minimal flair let's just get on with it.

List items

  • 10. Ah yes the dark horse visual novel for this year. Honestly this would have been on the small list above without some slight prodding from a fellow moderator. Even though this game does have visuals the real star of the show is the writing. Starting off with the most trope looking story only to twist it into a otherworldly place is expertly done. Add on the fact that the small cast of characters is also likeable it’s easy to see how it snuck onto my list.

  • 9. The gravity queen returns with a refined gameplay style. This sequel fixes the biggest issue from the first game which happened to be the unreliability of the gravity powers. With that fixed and some new gravity modes to check out I enjoyed a second look at Kat’s world of flying continents. If only the storyline didn’t feel like it was being rushed to a somewhat unsatisfying ending it could have made it higher on this list.

  • 8. Continuing the tradition of throwing people in volcano is something I can always count on whenever Tekken comes around. Even without the silly main story that is a bit too serious the fighting remains top notch. Continues to be the fighting game with moves that I don’t know since pushing random buttons a lot works well. That may not win me any medals at EVO but it does let me enjoy it whenever I play with my friends.

  • 7. This may be a rapid fire sequel yet what small additions they did add make it just as fun as the first game. The main focus is still a race to ink a map in your color with a minor focus on combating other squidlings. Which is why it is so enjoyable since doing something other than kill everything that moves in a multiplayer game is why I keep coming back. That alone deserves praise since I rarely play any game with a focus on multiplayer combat.

  • 6. Remaking a NES game while still somewhat retaining the look and style of the game is tough. Yet Inti Creates managed to do that. Creating a homage to a series of games that I never played till now. It let me see why some people really cherish the original. Additionally the extra support they decided to do for the rest of the year is cool. New modes and characters gave me a reason to revisit it.

  • 5. From this point forward each of these games have different aspects that kept me coming back for longer than just a straightforward playthrough. Exploration is what drives this adventure. The world is vast and has a lot of unique stuff to do. Sure some of it is similar yet it still comes off fresh most of the time thanks to how they change each challenge. 40 hours later I knew when I wanted to finish the game. Which ended up being a bit anticlimactic since I powered up Link to a absurd degree.

  • 4. Netherrealm really has outdone themselves by hitting every check mark I need to make a successful single player fighting game. Short yet very epic story mode against a greater evil. A arcade ladder with unique endings for each character. Plus a ton of other random ladders that challenge my skills in different ways to obtain unique outfit parts. The only real meh part is the loot box focus that isn’t much of a issue for me. Since in the end it was the fighting game I played for the longest this year.

  • 3. I was a fan of the Yakuza series since the first two were released in English. Even though I almost bought all the games I dropped off of playing through most of them after 2. Yet 0 managed to captivate me with its dual protagonist focus. Seeing Kazama grow into the Dragon of Dojima and see how different Majima was a delight. Other than their dramatic dual story all the little side stories and mini games were also fun. Lest I should forget the stylish beat em up gameplay in between all the other stuff was great too. Aided by three different styles of combat it doesn’t become boring by the time this 30 hour adventure concludes.

  • 2. While Zelda has a big open world with stuff to do, Mario has small worlds to explore that were absolutely packed with stuff to do. It is very hard to go 10 feet without stumbling over a moon that could be collected. Every world is different and has a new transformations for Mario to use on his quest. It may not make much sense for Mario to transform into a dinosaur or become a bullet bill yet it just oozes quirkiness. Even after the game is over it gives you more stuff to do. Which is good since I ended up collecting every moon in the game. A real testament at how much fun I was having that I did all the meh photo moons.

  • 1. Exceeding my expectations is why this release gains this coveted spot. The original Nier sure was something but it had so many missteps. Some issues still haunt the halls of Automata but it doesn’t hold it back anymore. Combat was augmented into a standard third person action game. The world storytelling that appears to be a basic could robots actually be humanlike goes off in a entirely different direction. Plenty of side stories tell of a depressing world full of unique characters. All of this comes together in a way that hasn’t been done so well till now. Which is why Yoko Taro's brand of crazy is my Game Of The Year.