Rio Starwind's Top 10 Games of 2017

Time is forever moving forward. It continues to tell me that I need to play this or that. Yet when the end of the year rolls around I’m always left with a pile of games that I just didn’t get around to. So before you start looking at the awesome list I made below I’m going to mention five games that I just didn’t play but look like they could have made this list.

Tokyo Dark A visual novel that has a bunch of adventure game elements. Add in some creepy mysticism and demons just to get me very interesting in what might be in store when I decide to hit play on Steam one day.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Fall in everyone and let me tell you a story about robot dinosaurs. That was all I needed to know yet the land of Hyrule got in my way. Since that point it has just been a cascade of other games that keep me from setting my sights on the beautiful world of Horizon.

Battle Chef Brigade Cooking up a storm has never looked this fun before. With what looks to be a perfect mixture of action that adds a bit of rpg on the side to make quite the delicious dish. Yet the final course is just as sweet since it adds that much needed match 3 element to the desert.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 With the change of art style over the last release in this series my interest in it with up. A focus on MMO like combat sounds okay too since I don’t have time for that style of game anymore. Kinda how I don’t have the 50+ hours needed to finish this one before the year ends.

Persona 5 So much style, so much flair, so much jazz, time is not fair.

I could keep this going for a while since this year has an absurd amount of video games that tend to be really good. Yet picking the top ten didn’t end up being that hard. So with minimal flair let's just get on with it.

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