Killzone 2's Region Selector Makes me Happy

I'm having a great time with Killzone 2 in both single and multiplayer, which makes me happy seeing as I bought my PS3 for that game. In some ways I expected the single player to be this good, but the multiplayer has really surprised me, because as a gamer in Australia I'm very used to horrible lag or having to endlessly hit refresh on some server list. So it's a great breath of fresh air that not only does this game have an active community all over the world, including Aus, but that Guerrilla actually thought to include a region selector. Those two things have meant that I've experienced no noticeable lag issues in the seven hours I've spent online so far and I can't ask for more than that. Why the hell don't more online games offer a region option, that's what I want to know!


Enjoying the PS3 experience

The XBOX 360 is great console, which is one reason why I made it my first purchase of this generation, but also because I saw the PS3 as a somewhat redundant platform, with little to offer that Microsoft's console didn't already have and that certainly had much lacking. However with having recently bought a PS3 and experiencing it for the first time, I gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised - the thing oozes quality, both in the hardware (specs and perceived reliability) and in the slickness of the interface. I feel that the extra cost has netted me a higher end device, which also happens to have some great exclusive games that I feel make the PS3 well worth the price of admission. This is not to say I don't believe there should be a price cut of course!


Dead Space Quick Thoughts

Superb atmosphere, solid game play and combat mechanics and a high level of quality all 'round result in an excellent game that I believe any survival horror (or even shooter fan) will love. 

Game highlight:  Slow-mo space zombie dismemberment in Zero G.
Game Lowlight:  The 'Chapters' seemed a bit too structured at times.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

Mass Effect

After being curious about it since before its release, I finally got my hands on Mass Effect earlier this week by way of a rental and I'm really impressed. I played for about six or so hours and while I've read in a few places that combat is the game's weakest aspect, I actually liked it a lot and found the fusion of story heavy RPG and action game to be quite smooth and satisfying. Looks like this game is staying on my wish list!


Do I want Call of Duty 4?

Am I the only shooter fan in the world who isn't head over heels for COD4, but wishes he was?

I'm on my second renting of Call of Duty 4 and I need to figure out once and for all if I want to buy it or not. On the first rent I finished the single player campaign and found it more tedious than fun, while I thought the online was high quality but just didn't do it for me for some reason. This latest rental I'm obviously focusing completely on the multiplayer and while I'm enjoying it somewhat more than last time, I still can't decide whether I really want to buy it.

One problem I have with the game is that all the maps I've played on seem really dull - from the settings and surrounds, to the graphics and that so many of the buildings/rooms seem like they've been copied and pasted on each map. But the fact that I feel that way strikes me as really odd considering that you could argue Battlefield: Bad Company has all of those same characteristics and yet not only do I own it, it's my favourite game right now.

On the positive side, I really enjoy all the little touches Infinity Ward have put into COD4 online, such as the sheer amount of weapons, perks, gun add-ons, challenges and the variety of multiplayer modes. Also other even smaller touches all add to the experience, such as two levels of crouch, grenade proximity indicators and instant replays of your death from the killer's point of view.

So the dilemma continues..