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Strange Red Ring Action!! RROD!! :S

I suppose the RED RING OF DEATH is one of those things you don't read about or research until it actually happens to you............well guess what, it happened last night playing SFIV!

But I'm not sure how it came about because after 2 and a bit years of owning the console its been pretty much fine, the odd lock-up and freeze now and again but I guess thats common place nowadays, anyway it rarely overheats as it sits out in the open and is well ventilated.

No my problem is I can turn on the 360.....all is fine, I can do whatever I want (access memory, boot-up game, play an Arcade title) for around 3 mins and then the system locks up, turn it off, turn it back on, 3 Red Rings, turn it off, turn it on, lights and another 3 mins of magic!!

Am i kidding myself in thinking I can work round this or is it truly DEAD?? Has anyone else had the same issue??


The Glory that is Far Cry 2 WOODEN BOX Edition!!!

I don't usually go for the big, fancy, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Special Editions of games, but i decided for an extra tenner ($20) to jump for the Collectors Edition of Far Cry 2.  And for a game I've lovin' to bits at the moment, it was a bargin.

It's all about the WOOD!!! ;)

Still Wrapped.
Still Wrapped.
Almost there........
Almost there........
FULLY Exposed!
FULLY Exposed!


**Important Winter UK Release Dates**Crazyness Right HERE**

Winter UK Release Dates

Simply Crazy.......The Math doesn't add up.....Too many hopefully Great games coming out!!

PES2009=Need to see Reviews after last year.

Fable 2=Need to see Reviews. Still unsure.
Far Cry 2=Thinkin a Pre-Order but maybe need to see reviews first.
Dead Space=Gonna Pre-Order me thinks.

Fallout 3=A week after possibly FC2+DS.....May wait.
James Bond: Quantum Of Solace=COD4 engine, could be great.
Silent Hill: Homecoming=Not sure on this one, could be SH back to its best.
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3=The viral ads have me interested.

Gears Of War 2=Pre-Order almost certain.

Call Of Duty: World At War=Don't like WWII but Online Perks Rule.
Mirrors Edge=Doubt this will be HoT.

Left 4 Dead=Most Excited for this one. PRE-ORDER DEFINATE.
Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe=Jeffs interest makes ME interested.

Borderlands=Not sure.
Velvet Assassin=Not sure.

Prince Of Persia=Xmas title right here.

Soooooo much choice............ :(


.......was great to avoid all the spoilers around this game for so long and totally enjoy playing through it a year after it came out.  I picked it up a few weeks back Brand New for only £12, i couldn't snap it up quick enough.

Amazing Game, Amazing Atmosphere & Amazing Story all combined to one of the greatest gaming experiences i played through..

If you have avoided it like i have so far (or you're a PS3 owner ;) )......don't, get on the good ship Rapture!!