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Nielsen: Gaming enters the prime time

The Nielsen Company, best known for  measuring U.S. television audiences ("the Nielsen ratings"), published a new report yesterday on video game usage.  Based on data collected from Nielsen's national TV panel of more than 10,000 homes,  the report includes a deep dive into Xbox 1 vs 100 usage.  I have highlighted a few of the key findings below; the full report can be found here.   

  • More than half (56%) of Xbox 360 users are 18 or older -- an indication that console video games aren't "just for kids" anymore
  • Almost a quarter of Xbox 360's are active during prime time hours (8-11pm) in Nielsen homes -- a sign of the multimedia capabilities of this generation of game consoles.
  • The average length of play for a 1 vs 100 session on Xbox Live is 71 minutes, and nearly 90 minutes for the "Live" game show editions -- impressive figures, especially for advertisers who place commercials during periodic "game breaks"

What do people think about these findings?


      My two cents: it's good to see another report that vindicates gaming as a mainstream activity, rather than a fringe hobby.



 *  Source :  Nielsen Wire, "Who, When and How? A Closer Look at Video Game Measurement," 21 April 2010.