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Front runner for 2009 Game of the Year 0

I can't tell you much that you haven't seen or heard already so I'll jump straight to the highlights...  Positives: Brilliant storyExcellent voice actingLarge open world that changes as the story progresses.Map exploration that reminded me of MetroidWell balanced combat system that encouraged timing over button mashing Great use of classic Batman gadgetsCollectible system with special in game maps to help keep track of the ones that haven't been foundFan service in the way of bios, interviews an...

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A- 0

Sucker Punch delivers another high quality title with inFAMOUS.   They have taken some of the best parts from their Sly Cooper games and added a deeper, darker storyline to it.    Positives: Well scripted story Good voice acting Comic book stylized cut scenes Large open world Well executed power progression system  Fast paced action Satisfying endingGreat pacingKarma systemAdded replay value by alternate Karma story lines and abilities Negatives:Repetitive feeling side missions  Climbing can fe...

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