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Best of 2010

ruhkandae: Best of 2010

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  • Numero Uno

  • Buggy, but I still played 80 hours and I have more to do in that world.

  • Great game, great story, what else can you say...

  • Homage or hack job, this game was masterfully crafted. Awesome story that apparently won't be concluded in the next franchise game which for some reason make me want to de-rank this one.

  • A game to loathe and love, tuned to perfection and addicting as hell. Well, Hell kinda sucked, but it was weak compared to the Cotton Valley.

  • Fitting end to the bungie franchise; I am scared to see what 343 and Microsoft will do to it going forward. Not my favorite FPS, but still a standout game and story.

  • While I was late to the party, this game really shocked me with it's multiplayer experience.

  • Lost several years of my life to its predecessor and I am happy to say this one may do the same.

  • The Ninja Gaiden 2 I wanted while removing the shit I hated from DMC, great game and gams.

  • Finally a well implemented multiplayer franchise mode, a well played RPG in Road to Glory, and all the micromanagement you could ask for in each dynasty.