Too Many Games

I've been playing WoW pretty solidly for the last 13 months, so I've missed out on a lot of good games. A few weeks ago I went around buying all of my B-list games (the ones not important enough to stop WoW for) but haven't had time to finish them, so now I've got a massive backlog. So I've just made the decision to only play WoW when I don't have a 360 game waiting to be played. So including both A and B-list games I still have to finish: 
Prince of Persia 
Chronicles of Riddick (both campaigns) 
Left 4 Dead 2 
MW2 (spec ops only left to do) 
Uncharted 2
I also need to replay Dragon Age to finish off the achievements I didn't get first time round, and there's DLC coming out for that tomorrow too. And I also need to replay Mass Effect for the 3rd time so my save file carries over into Mass Effect 2 exactly the way I want. And I've been meaning to pick up the Orange Box, Halo and Halo 3: ODST achievements I missed too.
And then there's Star Trek Online, coming out in February, and WoW: Cataclysm coming out a couple months after that (most likely)... what the hell am I gonna do? Give up my job? Divorce my wife?