Xbox Breakdown

I am so depressed right now I don't even want to talk. So I am going to type in this little word window. Yeah, so Nichole and Alex came over to hang out and play rock band, but are plans were cut short because my god damn xbox got the little red light in the corner of the little ring around the little button that I press to play a little game. Meaning my video game console has just become a really expensive paper weight. Many people know I don't get angry easily, but if something happens to my xbox, I just want to steal a car just so I can light it on fire and cause the family who owned the car to go into poverty because they forgot to get insurance.

So i got to call into the microsoft support hotline and talk to MAX (the automated message answering machine, that you could only understand if you call in) and he threw me into a freakin maze of help options that I didn't need, so for almost half an hour I was sitting in my basement, yelling "NO" into a phone so MAX would go back to the previous selections. After a while I just freaked out and yelled "I NEED ASSISTANCE!" and it transfered me to a person who talked me through troubleshooting my console, and then came up with the answer, "yeah, your console is messed up" and then asking me to pay a pretty penny for repair fees and telling me how to send it in.

This has happened before, about a year ago, almost exactly the same scenario. But back then i didn't pay anything because I had a warranty, but now I don't and I had to pay a fee. So what happens if (or when) this happens again, am i going to have to pay another fee? or will I have to bitch them out about how whatever they did to fix this didn't do crap.

I hate to have to deal with this kind of stuff, but it's bound to happen eventually, so I am just gonna chill and wait for them to send me shipping information.

The host of Last Comic Standing is a jerk.

if you were watching the final performances of last comic standing tonight you saw that the host did a few minutes of "his own" stand up. But all of the jokes in his stand up were taken from other comedians. the first joke about how he was the first black guy that idaho has seen was definitely stolen because i know i have heard it before, but i can't remember the comedian. but the joke about him jet skiing was stolen straight from the Kevin james stand up. Even the hand motions were the same. that's the third reason why that guy shouldn't be the host of that show; he steals joke, he isn't funny, and his name isn't memorable.