Best of 2010

Sackmanjones: Best of 2010

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  • Barely edges out Red Dead Redemption but after long thought............ extremely long I believe Mass Effect 2 wins this round

  • Might be the second on my list but Red Dead by far has the best character to date, John Marston. Fantastic game, fantastic story, must buy game

  • The best multiplayer experience I have ever had. With the addition of the free map pack 7 and Vietnam this game continues to find its way into my Ps3 even after 154 hours.

  • Unique mulitplayer and a great story makes this Assassin's Creed the best in the series

  • Its Kratos, he is awesome. A great combat system with lovely brutality and boobs make this the best God of War game.

  • Just bought Need of Speed and the more I play the more I fall in love with it. For a person who doesnt play many racing games, this game is great

  • A very nice surprise to see this on my list. I was quite skeptical about this game but when I had a chance to play it I beat it day one and enjoyed every second of it.

  • I LOVE PAC MAN! However, this game is best in short bursts for me therefore, it is pushed down to 8

  • This game has an epic scope, and some epic problems that prevent it from being higher up on this list.

  • No other game really comes to my mind for this last slot so I'm going to fill it with this game. It has a nice single player with a good, fun multiplayer that makes it fun to play once in awhile. However, I recommend my number 3 game for mulitplayer action over this.