Mining In Mass Effect 2

So, I just finished ME 2 recently, and I found that the story, fiction, and dialogue all to be well written.  Also, the changes from ME 1 were welcome.  All of them except for one, the mining.  Being that the game's been out a while now, I've seen all the reviews about it, and all mentioned that the mining was a bit boring, but easy to overlook.  That IMO, is the understatement of the year.  If it wasn't for the satisfying story and interesting characters, it would be game breaking.  I know it was done in lieu of the Mako, but wow, it's almost as if the designer who brought us the Mako, thought, "oh, so fans aren't crazy about my Mako idea, eh?",  sat down with utter contempt in his heart and set to work on the mining aspect of ME 2.  That part makes me want to tear my hair out.  Am I alone in this?  It was crazy how terrible it was and how much it was given an overwhelming pass by most of the media.  It felt as if we were misled by all the comments.  It was like saying, getting hit by a bus is going to sting just a "little".