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Gaming ABCs

Favorite game whose title starts with each letter of the alphabet, holy hell some of these were hard to pick

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  • This game stole way to much of my childhood winning the A spot over Alan Wake and Audio Surf

  • I feel it is to soon to put Bioshock Infinite here and any game that makes me feel like Batman should probably win out anyway

  • it was this or Chrono Trigger and I enjoyed Catherine just a little more

  • This game pretty much absorbed the majority of my free time my freshman year of high school

  • Best football video game ever made and Madden still hasn't topped it almost a decade later

  • By far the best 3D Final Fantasy and the one I have had the most fun with, plus it got Spoonyone to make some amazing youtube videos

  • Great story, tons of stuff to do, and unlike Gears of War it's online wasn't broken.

  • I kicked out Harvest Moon because it may have been an amazing and fun time sink Halo has impacted my life. Because of Halo I met some of my closest friends and bonded with some I already had. Then it came down to picking which Halo game and I went with Halo 3 because it's the one my friends and I played together the most.

  • It was this or Infamous and I went with this because chasing high scores in this game is pure crack

  • Honestly it's just a perfect 2 hour experience

  • great story and a fantastic soundtrack with fun combat, I just wish they would make an actual console sequel for PS3 already

  • If it weren't for that damn triforce section it would have been perfect and even with that it is by far my favorite Zelda

  • Choosing between this and MGS4 was pretty much Sophies choice for me but I gave it to MGS3 because of it's fantastic ending. I probably would have given this spot to MGS4 had Snake killed himself

  • Everything about this game is so damn awesome

  • So pretty and so gooooooood

  • So Atlus made the perfect JRPG and the best game I have ever played

  • It was this or Quake 3 and I just enjoyed this more and it has a catchy theme song

  • Don't really have much to say about this besides my friends and I had a ton of fun with it.

  • My friends and I will always have fond memories of this game, the 4 v 4 competitions of pass the mic, having guys sing it's raining men and girls just want to have fun, and all the fun with the playstation eye. It is a real shame this got overshadowed by Rock Band.

  • so sad

  • This is the AAA blockbuster done right

  • so addictive

  • I have been playing WoW since it launched in late 2004. But the most fun I had with the game was in Wrath of the Lich King. The quests and lore were the most interesting, LFG made heroics and dungeons more accessible, it had some of the best raids in WoW history, and we finally got to kill Arthas. Also the most fun I ever had in WoW was raiding with my old guild The Knights of Good. It was a close race between this Vanilla, Pandaria, and Warcraft 3 but I had to go with Wrath because of ICC with The Knights of Good

  • Not many games I have played that start with X and this was the best out of the very few.

  • I had trouble picking between this and Yakuza 4 but I went with 3 because of the better story and it is what got me into the franchise.

  • this is the only game I have played that starts with Z, it was ok not bad but not good either.