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Suffers from poor management, but is still pretty darn fun. 1

I was tempted to review this game a long time ago but I figured I would give the time to evolve and improve as the game has an incredibly small amount of members and is still in open beta as far as I know. First off, this is a Battlefield game so anyone who has played games in this series before sort of knows what to expect when it comes down to the core game play, however the mechanics and appearance are completely different as you can tell by first glance, making for a completely different exp...

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Basic? Yes. Fun? Sometimes. 0

Since this review dedicated server support has been added. When you set out to make a simplistic game which falls back onto the good old times where multiplayer games were a lot simpler and didn't rely on flashy over the top action to catch the players attention, you'd better make sure that you get the basics absolutely perfect. Unfortunately Lead and Gold falls short of doing this, becoming more of a chore to play than the fun back to basics western shooter it aspires to be.     Yeehaw!      ...

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