Movie-Game Adaptations Equal Easy Achievements

Movie to game adaptations are usually not well received among gamers. You could put the blame on the developers not having as much time to put the game together. You could also blame them for thinking that a movie to game adaptation of any kind was a good idea in the first place. Nevertheless, these games are still coming out. Now, while I believe a very good portion of us gamers already know ahead of time that these games are expected to produce mediocre results at best, might there be an incentive to actually picking up one these games? For me, achievement points is all the motivation I need before going to my local Blockbuster to pick up XMEN Origins: Wolverine, and TMNT.  The trend that I have seen in these games is that they are short in the experience and heavy in achievements providing all you need to do is to beat the game once. They even throw in the added incentive of 'replay value' by giving you an achievement for beating the game on its hardest difficulty. Now for XMEN Origins: Wolverine, that might not be so bad considering this game was actually a fun and enjoyable experience; a diamond in the rough. However, for games like TMNT and Terminator Salvation I am going to have to politely decline, as one play-through felt like one long sharp pain in my side.
After saying that, maybe that discredits me as the so-called achievement whore that I claim to be. That I am not willing to get every single achievement for a game no matter how painful and arduous it may be. That's fine with me. 820/1000 on Terminator Salvation for one play-through satisfied my hunger for more achievements. Getting that last achievement however by beating it on Hard would be like inviting a sadist to torture me for another three to five hours.
If achievements make you happy, then these movie to game adaptations will serve you well, provided that you are willing to put up with some bad game design along the way.
Below is a list of games based off their movie counterparts that have a lot to give in the achievements department:
Avatar: The Last Airbender -- The Burning Earth
King Kong
Terminator Salvation
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
XMEN Origins: Wolverine