What Should SCEA (or How Hulu Plus Doesn't Work)

So the PlayStation Network is down. Almost a week now. While everyone has been running around screaming why has this happened, I'm more concerned how Sony will make this up to it's users.

Should Sony make this up to us? Short answer is yes. Long answer is they should make it up to some of us at least.

I pay for PlayStation Plus membership. For the past week this investment has been wasted. One of the main reason I even paid for it was Hulu Plus access, which is now wasted too.

We can blame the hackers all we want, but it does boil down to being SCEAs fault. The security system should be better, and it shouldn't take this long to bring back. It seems like Sony is rebuilding the PSN (so I'm sure we may have a firmware update when it's back) because it didn't build a strong enough product from the start.

So what should Sony do? The easiest thing I think they should do (and would be consistent with the industry) is to mark a digital item free on PSN for a week or two. Although I feel that should be limited too, and tied to continued PlayStation Plus membership.