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Ubisoft DRM

I must admit that on the very very rare occasion, I am wrong about something.  On even rarer occasions, I admit to that.  This is one of those rarest of the rare occasions.

When I first heard about Ubisoft's newest DRM I made up my mind that all future games that had a Ubisoft name on the box would be avoided by me.   I began to refer to them as "UbiSUCK". That's right I came up with that origional and clever name on my own.   
Then I heard about a game called Splinter Cell: Conviction that would be coming out. Sam Fisher is back, and he is pissed off. It looks fantastic I should buy it...wait...Splinter Cell is a Ubisuck franchise. I am boycotting Ubisuck because of thier crappy DRM. No I haven't personally tried a new game that uses their new DRM, but it sounds horrible and I heard from some guy on the internet that it sucks!   

My mind was made up, there are plenty of other games out there anyway right? Then comes ribeye, who bought the game and was telling me first hand how great it was. Then he mentioned the co-op mode. I love freaking co-op! I didn't even hear about it because I shut my mind off to anything related to that game because of Ubisoft.
Stil....must....resist....I'll just watch one video and see if it really looks that great  
Ok that looked pretty sweet, I'll just watch one more....
DAMN IT! Why can't they just make crappy games, it would make it so much easier to boycott them!!! 
So I decided to give them one chance. Bought it off steam, installed it and started playing.  
Instantly sucked in. Played it for hours. Not one issue.   
I then decided I better give it a test. I unplugged my network connection just for a second, then plugged it back in. It went to a pause screen, said something to the effect of waiting to reconnect to server, then picked right back up within seconds.  
I had heard much worse stories about it dropping from game and losing all of your progress. It was not nearly as bad as I had made myself believe it was.  
Although I still don't believe it is the best system and it probably alienates paying customers more than people that wouldn't pay for the game anyway, it really isn't that bad. It is very rare that I'm not connected to the internet anyway. I don't own a laptop, I very rarely play games on a LAN. I think I was just being stubborn because of the principal of the whole thing, the fact that they require an internet connection even when playing single player. 
Seems kind of silly now though, it really doesn't seem intrusive at all if you just give it a shot.