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I really need to get a PS3...

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One of My Favorite Video Games: "Final Fantasy VIII"

 Videogames are like films to me.  I mean this in the sense that my opinion of a game is strongly influenced by what how I was feeling emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  One of the games that stands out in my mind as being an influential and affecting adventure was Final Fantasy VIII.

A powerful story set in a huge world on the brink of war; what attracted me to this Final Fantasy above all others was its focus on the love story developing between Squall and Rinoa, rather than the conflict of the world.  Squall himself, was a character that I felt held a lot of qualities and conflict that were very personal to me.  As a character, Squall embodies traits that a large portion of gamers can relate to.

I did not own a Playstation at the time, but managed to borrow one in order to play this game.  Wanting to return the system to him as quickly as possible, I played the game almost non-stop for a week.  Eventually I hit what I consider to be one of the most powerfully sad scenes in any game.  Towards the end of the third disc, I found myself crying through the entire “Eyes on Me” scene, as well as what happens immediately afterward.  It was enough to depress me, and I decided to take a break at this point.

During my break, my friend returned, claiming that he needed his Playstation back for a week, and that I could borrow it again when he returned.  I reluctantly returned it to him, and spent the week miserable, pondering the fate of Rinoa and Squall, unable to know how it would be resolved.

I didn’t realize something like a video game could affect my mood so drastically.  I guess this was an early sign that I was destined to find passion and beauty in video games, and experience them as I would any film or book.  These were powerful stories with truth and emotion to be discovered, not only in the characters, but also in the hearts and minds of the players themselves.