Gaming Podcast Pet Peeves

I listen to a great deal of podcasts (most video game related), and when something from this list pops up, it just rubs me the wrong way.  One of the reasons I love the Bombcast is because those guys rarely do or say things that annoy me.  This is in no particular order:
1) Talking about how good or bad a segue that just happened was.  It isn't funny and it's not original.  Stop it.
Guy 1: "Speaking of men in blue suits, did you hear about the new Mega Man game?"
Guy 2: "Oooohhh good segue!"
2) Fake spoilers.  Just because you've finished a game that hasn't come out yet, you don't get to wave around fake spoilers thinking it's funny - because it's not.
Guy 1: "So you've beaten a review copy of Awesome Game 3 - why don't you tell us about it?"
Guy 2: "Well, the main guy dies in the end - SPOILER ALERT!!!"
3) Answering letters on how to get into game journalism.  Seriously, this needs to stop.  One, there is no advice you can give that isn't available on the internet.  Two, the person who is writing a podcast on how to get into game journalism is most likely unqualified for any writing job in the first place or is still in high school.  Three, NO ONE CARES (or, at least, I don't)
4) Whining about anything related to writing about games.  Yes, it is time consuming.  Yes, lack of sleep and jet lag suck during E3.  I would love to know these things first hand and so would thousands of other gamers, so quit yer bitching and just be glad you are able to make a living off of your favorite pastime.
I could probably go on, but I don't want to sound like I hate listening to podcasts.  On the contrary, I am grateful to all the people that put the time and effort into giving away the free entertainment - it helps me pass the time in my mundane job.