Only game I've ever waited in line for. It was at an ASDA (Wall*Mart) in Blackwood, Wales. I just woke up one morning and decided I had to do it, otherwise it would sell out, so my step dad took me at 11:00 and we waited for an hour. Everyone there was talking about video games, and it was pretty cool. A good 50 people also showed up!

CoD: WaW I'll also be waiting in line for, just because my friends at work love it so much!


Giant Bomb!

Giant Bomb is finally here! 

This place looks great, and after what seems like such a freaking long time (5 - 6 months?)  It's finally here.  The forums work well for each game and the podcast is awesome!

Just a quick blog post, time to go play some Megaman (for some reason)

Good luck to the GinatBombstaff (see that there?)  I hope the site continues to grow.