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The worst title in an otherwise excellent series 0

To preface all of this: I am a 22 year old male, and I love me some Animal Crossing. I've been addicted to this quaint and relaxing series since the Gamecube release, so it was no surprise that I'd gobble on the sequel on the Wii. As such, I'm approaching this game from the standpoint of someone who has played both the original and Wild World, and I'd imagine this review would be most useful to you if you're also on the same page.   Animal Crossing: City Folk Predictably, the general structure...

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WARNING: Do not play this game if you hate having a good time 2

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of game journalism consistently missing a very key demographic in their reviews. It's as if they're purposefully ignoring us and what we want out of a game, despite the fact there are literally <i>dozens</i> of us out there. I'm of course talking about people who don't like having fun.  "10/10 because it's so much fun!!!", "omg best game I've ever played!", "a non-stop bash set into overdrive!" bah! What about me, the consum...

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A beautiful, unforgettable puzzle/platformer experience 2

 Believe me, dear reader, it took a lot to resist the urge to make some sort of pun involving time in the title of this review...”Braid is Timeless”, “Braid rewinds puzzle/platforming to a simpler age”, etc. etc. But I didn't go that route out of respect for you. I hope you appreciate that! Anyhow, Braid is a puzzle/platformer whose gimmick is that of time travel. Tim, the main character, is off searching for his princess, and like every other puzzle/platformer out there, Tim has to traverse...

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A great sandbox experience, though a bit too gamey 0

Ah,sandboxes. Ever since I playedGrand Theft Auto 3I have been truly enamored with this genre. There are few gaming genres that have gracefully evolved over the years, and I'm happy to say that sandboxes are one of them.Grand Theft Auto 4,Crackdown, andAssassin's Creedare just a few titles proving that sandboxes still have a place in the current generation. In a lot of ways, Prototype returns to the root of sandboxes back when they lacked focus but made up for it with crazy action. I suppose it'...

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I probably should have played this game 8 years ago, eh? 0

Perhaps then I wouldn't have disliked this game so much.  It's tough to review a game this old, especially when its old enough to run on my crappy laptop. I know reviews should be objective as they can be, but honestly, who is reading a review for this game nowadays? Probably someone who hasn't played Red Faction before, someone wanting to see if this is a classic that withstood the test of time. I figure this gives me some justification for grading this game based on modern day standards. I hav...

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Swarms of isn't a new idea, but KF makes it work 0

Man, I have this great idea for a new game. Hear me out. Alright, so we take some slow moving creature or monster, right? Call it a zombie. Now give them the numbers, alright? Lots and lots of them. And they can take a lot of hits. Now drop in some well armed humans that have to defend themselves against these zombies. Revolutionary idea or what? Well, as it turns out, a lot of people have thought of this idea. And with good reason, as games such as Left4Dead show us. People like zombies and ...

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Proof that execution makes/breaks a game - no matter the concept 0

Ah, Scribblenauts.   I wanted to like you so much.   So much.  Scribblenauts enjoyed a few months of being an internet sensation ever since its huge breakthrough at E3. Media and fans alike were transfixed by the seemingly infinite amount of items and interactions at their disposal. The hype was huge. I'm sure you see where this story is going.   As a game, S cribblenauts is bad. No way around it. Controls are loose and hard to use as everything is done with the stylus. Well over half o f the ...

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