Weekly Rundown - 04/30/12-05/06/12

Games this week:

  • Xbox 360 - Mass Effect, Catherine
  • Playstation 3 - Heavy Rain
  • Game Boy Color - Pokemon: Blue Version

Games! Not so much Mass Effect this week, got sucked up into work and doing household chores. But, I had plenty of time for Pokemon, what with being out of town!

So, I'm deciding on a Fire-type and Water-type to roll with. I'm thinking maybe Vulpix/Ninetales and Omanyte/Omastar? But, then I have to wait a damned long time before I get my Omanyte. And I was originally thinking Flareon for my fire-type, which I've already evolved my Eevee into, so, it's too late to go for Vaporeon... I'll have to keep looking into my options for Water-types as I progress. Anyway, my team, currently, is a Flareon named Clifford, a Pidgeotto named Rock, a Pikachu named Train, a Kadabra named Shazam, a Sandslash named Roses, and an Ivysaur named Fluffy. I'm in Lavender Town and just started going up the Pokemon Tower! Ghost Pokemon!

And then this weekend I played games with the Rebekah. I picked up Heavy Rain, finally, because she had expressed interest in seeing it and we started that. It's quite intriguing, although the character movement is very awkward. The glove/shades thing that Jayden has is wicked cool, though. Anyway, we're not terribly far into it yet, so not much to say. Some of the button-prompt stuff is a little frustrating, but, I imagine I'll figure out what the prompts are asking for exactly and get better at it.

Also with Rebekah, finished Catherine last night. It was super interesting seeing what things she was interested in. For instance, as I had mentioned the last time I talked about us playing, she has zero interest in talking to the other people in the bar and the other sheep. Especially the insane sheep, as she finds them exceptionally creepy. She found Catherine completely insane and rebuffed her at every turn and was nice to Katherine, although the good Katherine ending, which is the ending we got, shows Katherine stepping all over Vincent and basically making him her bitch, and Rebekah felt sorry for him.

And that's what I played! See y'all next week!