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Holes in the Gaming Resume

In my lifetime I can recall to some degree playing around ~900 games. I'm going to guess The real number is north of a 1000 as I'm 100% sure I don't remember everything I've rented, borrowed or played at an Arcade over the decades.

But even with a number that large, there is a ton of great and influential stuff I missed or just never got into for one reason or another. Only so many hours in the day and dollars in the wallet y'know.

Ordered by how much it bothers me that I haven't played them. There are more landmark games I haven't played, but they don't happen to bother me much or I forgot that I haven't played them. Also excluding games from my backlog that matter to me but aren't games I'd consider to be universally acclaimed or historically notable in some sense(Like Rise of the Argonauts) .

Update 11/30/20- Graduates

TitleOld RankClear
Burnout Paradise 15 played summer 2017
Super Metroid 1 7/4/17
Earthbound 5 played fall 2018
Fallout 30 played Fallout 76 demo it sucked
Call of Duty 22 Acquired and played BLOPS 1/19
Grand Theft Auto V 36 Acquired and played 1/19
Gears 35 May 2020
Halo 36 May 2020
Shadow of the Colossus 9 November 2020

List items

  • By the time I learned of the game's existence, prices for it were already ridiculous. I've since got the PSP version just no PSP to play it on yet.

  • The fact that the first IV are available on PSN now, makes the fact I didn't buy this when I ahd the chance years ago really sting now. But I had been burned by Suikoden IV so wasn't looking to increase my JRPG backlog. Big mistake on my part

  • Another pretty bad one. came out when I was taking a break from games and ME was something I associated with Xbox. The Good news is that I have a copy now, and I started ME1 last year. Odds are good I'll get to this one soon-ish.

  • Somehow I didn't know this even existed until well over 10 years later. Castlevania 64 really turned me off on the series and I only touched the CV games again in the PS2 era.

  • Every few years I convince myself that I need to give RE another chance and this time I'd like it. Never seems to end up working out that way, but maybe I should just stop worrying about the keeping up with the story and play one of the best regarded ones. Also I have like 4 copies of this game on different platforms that I keep buying convincing myself I'll really play it this time, which is just terrible. My procrastination in actually playing this is causing me to overspend

  • I know I'd love this game. I loved 2, I've seen gameplay that tells me that this is really up my alley. I have this one, I just keep waiting for a block of slow release times happen so I can dive in without getting distracted. Which is a classic me mistake. I should just do what I did with Breath of the Wild and just say "eff it" to everything else in my backlog and play it before it gets any older...

    after I'm done with the new Fire Emblem.

  • I bet I'll like these and I own three of them. Just never seem motivated to start one and not really sure where I want to.

  • It's certainly been ported and praised enough times for gameplay I typically love, can't say why I haven't taken the plunge

  • I have it, had it at launch actually. And I love the idea of learning the lore behind the timeline. But I keep looking at it and saying to myself "motion controls". To put in context how much I don't like motion controls, I didn't like Mario galaxy which I know is an amazing game. I just hate motion controls that much

  • I have a copy, problem is I don't have a PSP and kinda too cheap to get one atm. I doubt I'll like it much but I hate not having played a FF game with mainline characters.

  • Came out during the hiatus and I was making progress towards playing it (bought the game, got halfway through UC1) and then my PS3 died...

  • I dunno why, I think the aesthetic just screamed that it was for little kids to me. Super Shallow reason, but games were hard to look at in that era. So I valued them looking cool more than I probably should have. Not sure I'd like it now, N64 stuff generally doesn't hold up well imo.

  • FFT was my introduction to SRPGs so didn't even learn of this one until years years later. Got a copy now, just need the time/desire to play it.

  • Sitting in my library for 5 years. No Idea why I've never launched it.

  • I missed my chance to play this on a platform I had. I probably would have really liked it too as I loved Goldeneye

  • I've played the rest in this series and have a copy, but I dunno Deception bummed me out. Still seems dumb that I never played the final one in the story, but since I read a lot of the endings on a wiki I doubt I ever will now.

  • Another that came out during the hiatus. Just dipping my toes into this series now and it's off to a bit rough start with me. While I absolutely love the theme and aesthetic, I don't like the controls much at all. Still i'd like to at least play the highpoint of the series at some point

  • probably not good games, but I always wanted to play them since I like platformers and a prehistoric setting. Not worth buying a console for back in the day

  • Kinda the same deal as Bonk. Just stuff I saw advertised that I thought looked neat but never had a means to play.

  • Wasn't a Genesis kid so didn't learn of these until way later.

  • Not really into survival horror, but given how much of Konami's catalog I've played I should probably play one just to see what they are like.

  • Another trend I missed on, probably hasn't aged super well. But I'd like to at least play a little to get why it's so loved.

  • Curious to see it to appreciate some of the older text adevntures, don't have much experience with many of those.

  • just curious to see why it's such a phenomena

  • I was super into KH1, enough so that I wanted to play all the side stuff to keep up with the lore. But then I played Chain of Memories, looked ahead at what the other games are like and I think I'm just done with this series. I own this game though, so the opportunity to play it is there.

  • Never played any, don't have much desire to play any. felt too old for Pokemon from the get go. Which is ok, not everything has to be for me. But i do get curious from time to time.

  • Another thing that I didn't know was a thing. I have a copy on Gog. not sure I'll ever get around to playing it

  • Throw in Baldur's gate while you are at it. Came out at a time when I wasn't PC gaming much. Not sure I'd like these games much, but I'd like to know. Good news I have the enhanced versions. Just need the desire to actually do it. But stuff like Breath of the Wild keeping coming out and I'd rather play that instead.

  • more or less the same story as the D&D games. Except chances are I'd like this one more

  • Just not an Xbox guy. Feels wrong to not play a Sakaguchi game though

  • Just not an Xbox guy. I bet I would have liked this one

  • people seem to love this game, I have a copy. I probably ought to check out why at some point