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Rise of the Argonauts is set in mythological Greece where you play as Jason, King of Iolcus. Jason’s wife Alceme is killed on their wedding day and he vows to find the Golden Fleece on the island of Colchis in order to bring her back to life. Jason begins his journey aboard the Argo and is joined by the Argonauts (Achilles, Atalanta, Hercules, and Pan).


Rather than using a standard RPG experience system, Rise of the Argonauts uses a deed system to level up the characters. Each action and deed you perform in the game can be dedicated to one of four Gods. These Gods then grant Jason skills and abilities.

The four Gods are Apollo, Ares, Athena, and Hermes. Ares (War) favours an aggressive, intimidating approach to conversation and grants skills with the mace and group tactics. Hermes (Messenger) favours a sarcastic or quick-witted approach to conversation and grants skills with the sword and dodging. Athena (Wisdom) favours a level-headed, just approach to conversation and grants skills with the spear. Apollo (Sun) favours a benevolent, compassionate approach to conversation and grants skills with the shield and personal defence.


Combat revolves around getting the killing blow. Jason must disarm the opponent, or disintegrate his shield, which then leaves him/her defenseless where there by Jason can kill him. The combat is quite fluent and involves you taking cover behind your shield and not attacking until the opportunity arises. You can use three weapons, the spear, which is precise and tactical, the sword, which is fast and furious, and the mace which is slow but powerful. Each weapon has an alternate power attack which can be used for devastating effect.


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