The Unseen QOTW Response

So this was mine and Jim's response to Giantbomb's question of the week that involved showing off your gaming rooms. That night, we decided to stay up until the depths of the night (or the beginning of the morning?) by making a terribly amazing video. Unfortunately due to its embarrassment, violent humor, and mischief, it was never posted in the answers video on the following Sunday. Instead, an eight minute long video took our place instead. There was a surprising amount of elbow grease put into the video, so it was pretty upsetting to see our "hard work" put up on the net for everyone to see.

I'm here to ruin that.

Anyway, we made it months ago ... so enjoy? This is really just to update this 'ol blog, since I'm currently taking my sweet ass time to get any writing done. Expect some Mirror's Edge (that game's new, right?) schtuff tomorrow/Friday. Debating on what to play next -- my options are very, very, very, extremely, very, overwhelmingly broad.

We're goofs.