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I want an Email and a social network that pays me!

I have evil friends and family; they throw spam my way like if it would be human faeces at a Pokémon tournament. It’s too the point that I am now afraid to log on Facebook or open my email.

A couple of years ago some greedy company (most likely Microsoft) had the idea of charging 1 cent per email too lower spam. They never implemented the concept because everyone would have left Hotmail basically.

I have to admit, paying to send email would suck, but it would suck a lot less if half of the money paid would go to the receiver of the message.

Think about it, no more stupid messages from Zynga or EA, no more chain letters or not so funny @card. The people who always push the stupid “share with friends” button would have to show some restraint or pay up the friends and family they advertise too.

But let’s face it all this is only a beautiful dream and will never happen, the internet will continue to be ever more annoying.