Its been a while...

Hey guys its been a long time since I have written a blog but yeahh, I think ill try and keep updated at least post two a week or something along those lines. Well this whole week I have been off school! Yes, I am finally on summer break. More a less I have been playing a shit load of games, mostly I have been playing CoD 4 and Burnout Paradise but I have also been going through Prince of Persia, some Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and played a few hours of Halo 3 with my mates. I have recorded a lot of COD4 footage for a montage I am putting together which will be completed hopefully by the end of this week, I have also been recording footage of Burnout Paradise and the new DLC for it. I have a walkthrough of everything on youtube that will be uploaded throughout this week. Check out my youtube account at and thats all I have time to write now. Hopefully you will subscribe and keep updated for some sick Gaming Videos. Thanks guys and hope to see you round,

I smokeH I

My Bday today

This weekend has been really busy and  I have not got the chance to play that much. The only thing I really played was Peggle, and I tried out a little of Mario Galaxy. I went to one of my friends who recently purchased a Wii off someone, and the main purpose of going to his house was to try out the Wireless Adapter on his American Console to see if it would work. Well after trying it out I tried Mario Galaxy and I actually really enjoyed it.

Peggle is the main game I have been playing and I have enjoyed it a lot. If you don't know what it is its a sort of Puzzle game where you shoot marbles and have to hit these Pegs. You can get different powerups and stuff but its actually a really addicting game. I have finished the adventure mode and I'm on the Challenge stage or something like that. I still haven't finished Deadspace so I will be getting back to that.

I actually played one more game which was actually on the iPhone. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch I suggest getting this game. Fieldrunners. Its a really cool simple but fun and addicting game. I played it only for about on hour and just got past the first level. Its a lot of fun and suggest buying it if you like these type of games. 

Also today is my BIRTHDAY! haha I'm 16 now so thats pretty sweet. Well im going back to bed so later guys!


New Games

As some of you might have seen I have been playing some new games. To be exact three new games. Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box, Army of Two, and one of my favorites so far Deadspace. I have bought all these in Japan and haven't ordered them so I was sort of scared that some of them might be in Japanese. Luckily Burnout, and Deadspace have full english support and Army of Two has Japanese menus and subtitles but english voice work which is what matters most.

I bought a new copy of Burnout Paradise for about 25 bucks which I'm really happy about since well, its an awesome game and it was new IN english and cheap. I'm really happy with this buy and have played around 12 or 13 hours in about a week and a half. Online I thought I would never play but I have actually had a lota

Dead Space
Dead Space
 fun, the photo thing when getting taken down is pretty cool and has snapped a few photos of me when I wasn't paying attention. Online isn't laggy at all which I'm pretty surprised about and happy, I have only lagged twice but only for a few seconds while the challenges loaded up. I have bought all the DLC cars and really enjoy the variety. The ones I have had the most fun with is the Toy Car set. Its really unique and funny made me laugh while taking down huge cars with this miniature toy car. Its a lot of fun and recommend this game for anyone.

Army of Two, I haven't really had much time on this game since I have had online problems. I also realized that I can only play online with people who have the Asia copy of the game which sucks since I was planning to play with a few friends in the states. So far its been enjoyable since I'm not looking at it at a technical point of view. Its just fun to run around shooting people with a pimped out gun. I will be getting back to this later on hopefully with some friends.

Deadspace I am really happy to find, it is a game that hasn't actually been released in Japan although I did buy it here. So I'm guessing that there is a foreigner somewhere who sells his games to the store I go to, I also realized that the copy of this game was ordered from Play-Asia. Who cares though? I have Deadspace, haha I have been waiting to play this game forever. Its a lot of fun and has a few point where I will jump and scream. The scares so far have been alright but a bit predictable a few times I have really got freaked out but its a really good game. Its a lot of fun calling up your girlfriend while playing, I was talking to her and then I would randomly scream. Pretty funny and fun. The game is actually really good, probably the best game I have played for a while. I was actually really amazed at that first in-game cut scene. The cut scene looks amazing, its when your in the space ship gliding towards the Drilling station and the suns blaring into your vision. It looked amazing. A lot of fun and I'm about 3 hours into that now.

So update, my brother has been lazy and hasn't sent the capture card yet and my dad is being lazy and hasn't sent my brother any money. So I won't be getting that for a while. Um I will see if I can get that as soon as possible since I'm dying to record some footage. 

I have been thinking of buying RESIDENT EVIL 5, and I just found out that the Japanese version of the game has full english support so I might just buy that next week. Can't wait to play that game and I will probably play it co-op or something. I also have to finish a lot of games. I have a huge pile of games that I need to get through. Heres the start of the list...

 - Deadspace

 - Viva Pinata

 - Forza Motorsports 2

 - Burnout Paradise

 - Army of Two

 - Far Cry 2 

 - Mass Effect

 - God of War

 - God of War II

 - Black

I think that is all I have left to finish but I'm still not sure. I still really want to get my hands on Persona 4, and a few other PS2 games. So I'm considering buying a US PS2 so I can play a lot of the PS2 games I missed out on. I also really wanna get a good JRPG and I'm looking at Star Ocean, and Eternal Sonata at the moment. If you have any suggestions for some good JRPG games feel free to tell me. 

My friend has just bought a nice PC for gaming and I was actually considering saving up for a PC for gaming. I was looking at Dawn of War II and some other PC games and really would like to play some PC games as well. Oh and I found out that the achievements contribute to your Xbox 360 achievements which is really cool so it would help with my goal to beat my friend. Im at 15,560 Or something like that. My goal is to get up to 20,000 soon. Alright well thats about it, thanks for reading.


Almost at 1,000

Hey guys, so as you might be able to see my Wiki points are almost up to 1000 meaning I am a moderator or something. I will be going wiki hunting

 later on tonight. So this week I have been playing a few games but not as much as I would have liked too. 

I have been mostly playing Mirrors Edge time trials. Its actually a lot of fun, I downloaded the new content pack Pure Time Trials and really enjoyed the creativity in each level. If you haven't seen the images for this DLC its actually quiet fascinating to look at. Its very slick and smooth design and leaves a lot of options to finish it. I found it really fun trying different ways to complete the time trial. I also got a few achievements on Mirrors edge. I finally finished the game on Hard, and have also found and collected all the bags. I also got one of those Pure Time Trial achievements which was by accident. I think I might go through the campaign one last time to get the achievement where you play without shooting.

My gamerscore is now up to 15,000 which is pretty sweet. Im thinking of buying some new games but I'm not sure what I should go 

Mirror's Edge
Mirror's Edge
for next. I have actually been looking at a lot of RPG and JRPG games. I looked at Valkyria Chronicles, Star Ocean and a few more. I really wanna get my hands on a JRPG or just one of those types of RPG's. So if you know of any feel free to message me and give me suggestions. I also kind of want to get Ninja Gaiden 2 and Fable 2. I just started playing the Xbox Original version of Ninja Gaiden and forgot how fun and challenging they are. So I might pick that up later on in the year. 

I have found a few more of my original Playstation games such as the Crash Bandicoot series and some other ones. I have started going through the Crash Bandicoot ones once again to bring back memories and all. I forgot how fun the game is. I wish that Sony made an exclusive Crash game on the PS3 thats just like the old ones. I did have a look at the newest Crash game "Crash of the Titans" and it was really disappointing. I used to have so much fun on these hard platformers and the ruined the game by adding these monsters and stuff. What was so fun about Crash is the first 10 levels would be easy then it gets harder, you would maybe get by 13 levels and collect around 30 lives. Then once you get to a certain section you loose 20 lives and so on. The game was so much fun and had cool extra games such as the Crash Bandicoot Carnival, and Crash Racing. 

I have also been looking at 50 Cent's new game, Blood on the Sand and I'm not that surprised at the ratings its been getting. I have heard that a lota people were waiting for this game to get low scores, where as it seems pretty solid in gameplay. The story seems really ridiculous and a joke which seems to contribute to the humor of the game. When I was watching some gameplay videos the first thing that came into my head was The Club. How the game plays seems really similar to the game The Club, the arcade kind of shooter elements in Blood in the Sand seem copied from The Club. Although thats not a bad thing I think I would rather just buy The Club instead of 50 Cent's game. Although if you are a 50 Cent fanboy I recommend to get this as it will be a lot of fun and you will get some exclusive music. 

As you all might have known I ordered a Capture Card so that I could record videos. Well I don't know what has happened but it hasn't been delivered and its been almost a month. I guess I will check with my bro again and see if he isn't messing with me or something. 

Bad ass
Bad ass

As you all might know already, I live in Japan. I actually feel that living in this country I have missed out on so many games. That might not make sense to you but hear me out. Every time I try to buy a game from a local Japanese store the chances of it being in english is less then 10%. I feel like I have bought so many games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and never been able to play them because of the language. Which is why I have missed out on so many great RPG's. Although this is a problem almost 2 years ago my friend told me about Play-asia, a very good website to order games, DVD's, and toy figures. If you have never been to this website before I suggest checking it out if you don't live in the states.

Lost and Damned has come out on XBL, or so they say? I have been waiting for it to hit Japan's Xbox Live but it has not come up yet. I guess that I will just have to order a download code from Play-asia to get my hands on this DLC. Although I haven't touched GTA for a while I thought I might play around and just run around creating chaos and havoc. It is still fun guys, I also located the "Evil Swingset" if you know what that is. The EVIL swingset is a swing obviously but its glitched. Although it is glitched Rockstar hasn't patched it since it has a lot of comedic value. If your drive a car into it, after a few seconds or instantly you will be shot up into the air. Its a lot of fun and very entertaining. I did a few other ways with placing a helicopter there and also a boat. Very fun and entertaining so go check that out!

If you have checked my youtube account you will see that I found and bought Marvel vs Capcom 2 for the Xbox. I am pretty disappointed since this game is awesome, but it is one of those games thats not compatible with the 360. I'm pretty pissed because of this but if I find a really cheap used xbox I might purchase it for this and a few other games I might want to buy on the original Xbox. 

Thats about all thats been happening, thanks for listening and keep updated guys.

smokeH signing out, 11:11AM Sunday March 1st, 2009.


Marvel vs Capcom 3?

Wouldn't it be sweet if there was a new Marvel vs Capcom? Wouldn't it be even better with Street Fighter 4 Graphics? How about Marvel vs DC would that be any good? Post your replies!


Resident Evil 5 Impressions

I have played other Resident Evil games for about 20 minutes and thats about it for me. I am the kind of guy that likes to run and gun so this is a whole different experience for me. I have tried the demo before but switched it off after a few minutes, but I wanted to give it another try. I actually really enjoyed it. I kind of see why this type of gameplay works with this series and really respected this idea. I found that the controls were pretty nice and I still need to get used the them but I'm pretty sure I will buy this game. I think that this game will be an amazing game and will sell really well. Not only to the hardcore fans but any gamers. The graphics are amazing the gameplay is solid and everything seems flawless at the moment. I think this game will appeal to everyone and it will sell really well as soon as it comes out. If you haven't tried the demo go out and try it guys!

A lot of NEWS!

Hey guys, sorry for not blogging in a while I have been busy or to tired to write. So I decided to bring my computer on the train to school and write

 my blog then post it later on tonight. So new news is...I finished Bioshock, I bought Viva Pinata, Forza Motorsports 2, and Black for the PS2. I have also redesigned my room which I will be showing pictures of later on. Last news and the best will be kept for last.

Bioshock: Bioshock was an extremely enjoyable game for me, the story was what got me hooked. I haven't played a game with a good story in a long time and this was a good game to start with. The story was awesome, I absolutely loved it and I was curious throughout the whole story what was going to happen, at one point I thought that Atlas was Adam Ryan for a while but was proven wrong. The combat I thought would be hard to navigate when in battle and people attacking me from all sides but it worked out pretty well. The plasmids were a lot of fun to play with and the upgrading machine was pretty cool. The gun control seemed kind of stiff to shoot from side to side but it wasn't that big of a problem. Overall the game was 

My Fair Lady Z
My Fair Lady Z
amazing and one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. Overall I would give this game 5/5.

NEW GAMES I BOUGHT: Well I know that a few of you might be questioning why I bought Viva Pinata. There is actually two reasons, It came with Forza and I enjoyed the demo. Overall this game isn't bad at all or childish. Actually I can't imagine that many children playing it. This game has some cool ideas and has a lot of good concept to make it a fun game. I find that making my garden isn't as boring as a lot of you would have thought. If your one of these people that look down upon this game I suggest you go give it a try. Download the demo or rent it for a week, it isn't as bad as you think!

I also got Forza Motorsports 2. I mostly bought this game because I wanted a racing game and it was the cheapest one and it came with Viva Pinata. I got these two games for 18 bucks total which is pretty decent. Overall its a pretty good racing game, I love the variety in the cars and love all of the models. I haven't tried courier mode yet but I will write about that once I get an opinion. 

I have also bought 4 new arcade games. A Kingdom for Keflings, 3 on 3 NHL Hockey, R-Design (or something) and The Maw. I mostly bought a Kingdom for Keflings since it reminds me of the days of playing Age of Empires and Civilization 2. Overall both games are fun and recommend trying out the trial version if you can.

The redesign of my room is pretty sweet and I setup all my old consoles except for my NES which I don't know where it is. So as you see in the first photo its my normal setup and hasn't really changed. I have the TV in the middle and my PS2 and 360 on the desk. I have my two speakers which are hooked up to the sound system under the TV. I have my 360 games on the right speaker and on the left is my 360 vision camera. In-between the TV and the left speaker is my fallout 3 guide. On top of the TV are some PS2 games and behind those are some more. Then all my DVD's are in the shelf. In the little lego CD case I have my PS games. 

The second photo is pretty straight forward, just the poster of the Fallout 3 map. This is right next to my TV, on the wall to the right. The third photo is where my older consoles are. I have my piano and upon that are my SNES and N64. Next to that you see cartridges for both consoles. Also my gameboy advance and gameboy micro are there with some gameboy games next to it. I have my two computer hard-drives on the end of the piano which are hooked up to my computer.

The 4th is where my computer is. As you can see my computer is there hooked up to both of my hard-drives. The last photo is just my poster of Masterchief which is just opposite the wall where my computer is. 

Ok guys so good news. I have ordered the capture card! Finally, it said it would take about 4 days to get to my brother then he will have to send it back to Japan so I wont be recording for a while. As you saw in my new setup I have all my old consoles and I will be doing videos for all of the consoles. I

Recording consoles + NES
Recording consoles + NES
 have everything ready and setup but I might need to get a plan on how to record the TV and my voice at the same time. So if anyone has a program or any suggestions it would be appreciated. By the way I'm a mac user so PC apps wont help that much. 

Also something new, I have just gone out and bought a new NES system. Its modified and a lot smaller and slicker. So I will also be uploading videos of my NES games.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed. Keep updated for game videos and so on. Also below is a video tour of my room, note that its pretty bad quality. Thanks again, and don't forget to comment and you can email me at See you later and happy gaming!



Too Tired

Hey guys im pretty tired and I can't be bothered to write up most of the stuff I want to say at the moment so enjoy this video. I will post a blog later on with more details and impressions on Bioshock and some other stuff so check that out once I have time.



Quick Update...

Hey guys, so recently I have just gotten out my PS2 N64 SNES and my 360. I have it all setup for when my capture card comes so I can do videos on all four consoles. I'm also thinking of getting some PS2 games that I have missed out on such as God of War 2, Persona 4 and a few others. Also I have recently just bought a 1 TB Hard Drive for recording once I get the capture card. 1 TB is 1000 GB for all you non-geeks. Alright last thing, I will be ordering my capture card on the 12th or 16th, I am pretty sure its the 12th but I cant be sure. So look forward to me posting some real videos on youtube and I will post a link to my first one. Thanks guys and keep updated!

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