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is it just me or did this site just,,updated;p=)?,,i liked the old one better,,with quest/chests and stuff;),,this site is now not totally new,, ican't say i dislike it.,it looks now like page,,i wish they would stick to the old one's,,but there nothing to complain about the new one either,,except so many errors,,and such;),,

you have to give the creators of gaming sites credits,,for putting effort into making such gaming sites,,videos,,written reviews,,and so on,,and so on;)

and keeping them alive,,;)

that there actually excist such huge gaming sites,,in the frst place;p

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how new counter-strike has become now;(

they took away the fun,,add made it worse i personally think,,this new cs,,thing;),,

it can still be good though playing,,but i wish they didnt take away create server,,spray paint,,and made the classic good old maps smaller and worse;),,the new modes arent anything spectacular,,can be fun though;),,but mostly bad,,since its not helpign the game very much;),,

too few good old klassic maps,,replaced by terrible maps,,;

for instance i remember back in the days when i played,,cs,extremy often and very much,,

cs_millitia and cs_siege ,,great times,,and fun and good maps;)

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Tekken 6 ,,oh

is not the best tekken game ,,its stil lgood and fun playing though,,and more than good,,hours of fun,,i also can have today;) ,,but i ahve rated it 7.0 out of 10,,with good reasons,,at least i think,,

when i bought tekken 6 its was just called tekken 6,,so i do not know what bloodline rebellion is;)

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