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Greatness in Simplicity 0

If there is anything connecting Lucas Popes last venture Papers Please to Return of the Obra Dinn it is that the core concept revolves around a seemingly grounded job. While Papers Please escalates the stakes with political drama as the backdrop Return of the Obra Dinn opts for a more mystical approach.The Obra Dinn's crew have all vanished and its up to you (and a mystical watch) to determine why!At it's core the game is rather simple, armed with a magical pocket-watch it is your duty to acces...

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Your Good Buddy KZ 0

One of the most cliche concepts in sci-fi is the AI in control of a spaceship, be it rogue or otherwise. Event[0] follows this trend and has you interacting with an AI named Kaizen, KZ for short, in order to search around a derelict spacecraft. The beginning of the game you find yourself hurtling towards a spacecraft and board it. You're quickly introduced to KZ in the spaceships lobby. Every interaction with KZ is facilitated by terminals in the room your currently in. The terminals are well pl...

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An Experience that Hits the Mark as Well as a 50 Cent First Pitch 0

Asemblance has great aspirations and a great premise. Take a few detailed environments and reuse them in a way that doesn't make them feel stale. In these environments, you'll spend most of your time combing through, picking up items, and interacting with a small number of elements. It's similar to Gone Home in a way, but is a bit more restrictive in what you can pickup and do. You start off in a strange place. A cold metal room with sirens blaring and lights flashing. A voice, some sort of A.I...

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The Great Balancing Act 0

In 2010 Playdead hit the xbla scene hard with their first release Limbo. The studio was among the first influx of independent developers that would lead to the tidal wave of indie games that would follow for the coming years. Limbo had a very striking look, using contrasting blacks and whites to generate a look that can be described as silhouette-esque, which drew people in. The game itself was rather simple, you jump, grab, and move to solve puzzles while avoiding various one hit kills. At the ...

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The Sweet Flow of DOOM. 0

One of the best FPS campaigns ever crafted, DOOM is a must play, even for those who typically don't enjoy FPS.Small tech thing: DOOM is extremely well optimized and has an incredible amount of options. MF DOOM is an anomaly among my enjoyed games. I typically don't enjoy FPS games all that often, the closest I'll come is something like Call of Pripyat or a first person RPG.To say I enjoy DOOM is an understatement. Doom demonstrates some of the most well done first person shooting mechanics I've ...

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Art Imitates Life: MGSV:TPP & The Tragically Great Game 0

METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN has you playing as Big Boss, a.k.a. Ahab, a.k.a. V. a.k.a. Venom Snake, a.k.a. Punished Snake, a.k.a. Big PUN.and it's an ambitious game, even for a metal gear, and before I go into it, I’m going to discuss the previous (only MGS, no love for MG and MG2) entries a little (for posterity and because I think it is interesting). The first metal gear solid was a big shift in the gaming world. Games had previously attempted to have competent narratives but no...

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