Compelled to do things I normally would not do

Damn you quests.  First there was the icon and background quests, and that was fine.  I did that, though admittedly without much thought.  I pretty much just took my desktop and loaded it in.  Unoriginal, but as the title infers, I was compelled for yet another type of mythical points.  Then came actually writing in the status check section and the "About Me" section even though there is a big zero in my followed by box.  Now here I am writing a blog and hoping no one actually has to read this drivel that I am writing just to get a few more magical points (and a level or 2...I hope I get a mount soon).   
But what I find most egregious and contrary to my very nature is that I am considering opening a facebook and twitter account solely to acquire the exp.  I've spent most of my internet life slowly adopting to social technology.  Well, slowly is an understatement.  I've posted on forums in the distant past, but I don't even do that anymore.  As a child of the 80's, I've embraced gaming technology with open arms, but this whole Web 2.0 stuff has never appealed to me.  I don't really need or want status updates on the fly from either Ashton Kutcher or someone I once knew 20 years ago and with whom I have since lost contact.  So, here I am, stuck between wanting to whore for Bombpoints and appeasing my luddite nature by avoiding all new things.  Ah, the difficult choices one must make in their life.