I am no longer a teenager! And to celebrate? Self bought presents

So, I just turned 20. I didn't really get many presents (aside from some cash to spend on text books next semester). So, in order to make it feel like an actual birthday, I bought some games and movies!

Blu Rays and PS3 Games
Blu Rays and PS3 Games
I went to Target and got these Blu Rays (We Were Soldiers will be going to my dad, actually). Most of them were on sale, except for A Bug's Life, which is my personal favorite from the bunch.

As for the games there, those two are my favorite PS3 games as of now. inFamous is really fun for the first 20 hours or so, and I still am enjoying it. Ratchet & Clank Future is a great looking game, and builds upon the events of the previous R&C games. Also, it only cost me $15 new.

PS2 and DS Games, w/ DVD.
PS2 and DS Games, w/ DVD.
I went over to the local FYE and got Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, and ChoroQ for a measly $20. Havn't played any of them yet, but I can't wait to get to them. Also, I got Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne from GameQuestDirect for $30, and that game is worthy of an Endurance Run as well. SMT: Devil Survivor is a really cool RPG with turn based strategy elements mixed in with traditional RPG elements (think Final Fantasy Tactics grid movement with Final Fantasy battles taking place when you encounter an enemy on the grid). To round this section off, there is Transformers Generation 1: Season 1 on DVD. Incredibly cheesy awesomeness.

Also, I got Star Wars: Force Unleashed for $15 from GameCrazy, but I don't really want to post a picture of that. You all know what it looks like.

Of all of these games and movies, my favorites are SMT: Nocturne (mainly because I am in an RPG crazy at the moment) and A Bug's Life (brings back wonderful memories).

There is really no reason for this blog post, I just wanted to waste 10 minutes of my time. Thanks for reading!

Soul's Quick Reviews 1: Soul Calibur IV and Peggle

Well, I had been planning on doing some reviews, but I figured it would be easier if I just did a few quick reviews at a time for those of you who have not yet played these games and are on the fence.  Also, realize that most of these games will be older titles.

Soul Calibur IV (360):

This game is more for offline play, evidenced by the rather terrible matchmaking setup (it continuously tries to connect you to full games).  Also, there was no need to add the Jedi's, as they seem very corny.  Other than these minor setbacks, the game is incredibly fun to play.  Gameplay is spot on, and it has many challenges to overcome with the Tower of Souls and each characters Story mode.  Perhaps the best 3D fighter, second only to Virtua Fighter. 

Conclusion: Buy only if you are wanting a 3D fighter.  It is fun if you are in the mood.

Peggle (360):

Perhaps the most easily accessible game on the 360.  You shoot a ball at some pegs, and you have to bounce it off of these pegs to try and eliminate each orange one.  Fun, addicting, and will get your girlfriend playing. 

Link to play on PC, and a link to today's Amazon video game deal of the day for Peggle on the PC, Peggle Nights.

Conclusion: Buy if you know someone that really wants to game, but is overwhelmed by the controls of most games.  Also, it is very relaxing. 

Please tell me if you guys think these are even worth doing.  I definitely have more games that I want to do, even delving into my SNES and NES catalogs.  Maybe those would be better?


Jumpin' on the "Top 10 Games of 2008 List" bandwagon!

10: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Having played it for several hours at a friends house on separate occasions, I can say this: a mo' purdy Street Fighter II that's online.  What more is there to say?  If you have ever been to an arcade, you have probably played Street Fighter II, and you know that it is awesome.  With the updated graphics, online play, ad being balanced by some of the best Street Fighter players, there is no reason to miss out on this game.

9: Gears of War 2

I have mixed feeling about this game.  On one hand, I didn't think that this game would be as good as it is in the single player, with co-op and just general "awesomeness".  On the other, I expected MUCH more from the multiplayer.  I may even go as far as to say that this is the worst online that I have played.  The gameplay is good, but getting into a match is awful, and once you are, lag abounds.  The amazing thing?  Single player, co-op, and Horde mode more than make up for it.  Horde is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences that I have ever played.  Addicting to no end.  Also, single player is fun going solo, but is ten times better with a second person playing with you.  To me, this is a co-op game.  And a damn good one.

8: Mirror's Edge

Now, I am very picky about games, but this one just struck a chord with me.  I had my suspicions when I got the game at a 33% discount less than a month after it came out, but it definitely shattered my expectations.  A free-running FPS doesn't sound good at all, but once you get used to how you move, it becomes exponentially better.  Time trials and speedruns are where this game is at.  All you need to do is go faster and faster.  I probably played it for 20+ hours in the first 5 days that I had it, and this was during finals week for me.  Only reason it isn't higher on the list is the length.  If they would have multiplied the number of levels by 1.5 (while still keeping the quality of the levels), and maybe some obscure multiplayer mode (Tag, anyone?), it would be top 5, for sure.

7: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Main reason I bought a Wii.  Definitely the best party game for the Wii.  Wanna have more fun with this game?  Record all of your drunk friends playing this game, and play it back later.  You will hear some of the funniest stuff come out of their mouths.  My personal favorite?  It came from Melee, but nonetheless: "Fuck your Pikachu in the ass!" 

6: LittleBigPlanet

I only play it for the custom levels, and it is still better than GoW 2 in my opinion.  Just the fact that I am only using a portion of the game, and I think it is better than a WHOLE game, testifies to the incredible usefulness of the level creation tools.  I tried making a level, immediately got overwhelmed, then went back to downloading and rating random levels.

5: Rock Band 2

I used to be a huge Guitar Hero player, getting 5-stars in every song from GH 1-3.  Then, I started playing Rock Band, and I started to lose interest in rhythm games.  Rock Band 2 was a great reminder as to why I loved them in the first place.  With an amazing setlist (Aqualung! Psycho Killer!!!) and even better instruments than last ime, this is the definitive rhythm game out there.  Especially with the huge amount of DLC available.

4:  Call of Duty: World at War

Amazingly, this game isn't nearly as good as Modern Warfare, and it still is in my top 5!  Goes to show how great the series is in the first place.  For me, I had two things go through my mind when I picked it up: Beat this game on Veteran, and prestige at least once.  Having beaten the game on Veteran, and getting all achievements (minus one....so far), I must say that this was the most frustrating single player experience I have had in a long time!  Sure, the game is great fun on Regular, even Hardened, but Veteran is a grueling test of endurance that I don't think many will go through again just for fun.  So where is the replay?  Exactly where it was in CoD4: the multiplayer.  Online co-op.  Competitive co-op.  Zombie co-op.  Deathmatch.  Capture the Flag.  The list is pretty damn long, and is littered with gems.  War is a great "Tug-o-War" style of play, and Zombie Co-op is incredibly fun with four friends.  Definitely worth a purchase, even though it isn't as good as CoD4.

3: Valkyria Chronicles

Tactical Anime War Strategy Turn-Based Third-Person Shooter w/ Okami like graphics?  Instant win.  Lets move on.

If you really must know why I love it so much, it is because of my extreme love for Fire Emblem.  FE was the first strategy/RPG series that I played, and this is like a future, real-time version of it.  Instead of having faceless characters that respawn after each round, if you lose a character in this game, you lose them forever.  That feeling of connection, and not wanting any of your characters gone, is a really great feeling.  Also, the gameplay is great, as well as the graphics being incredible.  If you have a PS3, get it.  It needs more sales!

2: Banjoe-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Compared to the game that I finished immediately before it (Call of Duty: World at War), this is the most relaxing game ever.  While some missions are frustrating, the game allows you to easily make a solution to the problem with the incredibly intuitive vehicle builder.  Gotta go faster?  Mo' engines!  Keep sinking in the water?  Stick on some floaters!  Gotta kill some enemies?  Slap some guns and ammo on the front of the vehicle, and you are set.  Also, it reminds me of my N64 days, which were some of my happiest times in my life.

1: Fallout 3/Fable II/Grand Theft Auto IV/Metal Gear Solid 4

What?  A four-way tie?!?  Yes, and I will tell you why.  I have yet to play these game.  And I already own them.  Why, you ask?  Because of the glut of games that come out during the holidays, I don't ever have time to play all of them.  So what do I do?  I buy them cheap after Christmas, then play them during the drought that is January through July.  Also, after realizing that I was only looking forward to a grand total of two games next year so far (Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV), I figured it would be a good idea to wait to play.....also, I don't have time. 

So that's it!  It is definitely a different outcome than many expect, but is definitely what I feel is correct.  I am never out of good games to play, and they will still be awesome 3 months after they were released, even if it is being played in a different year than it was released. 

Oh!  And, if you read this, please recommend to me which of the games from my #1 I should start on first.  I was thinking Fable II, but I seriously have no clue.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I didn't make any grammar/spelling errors, because I can't be asked to fix them now.  To freaking tired.  I guess I felt the need to get this out there before it was 2009.

Have a Happy New Years!