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Jaw Dropping! 0

Wow, what a fantastic game. Bethesda knows what they're doing and Oblivion is a prime example of their mastery. This was the first title for the X360 as well as the first next gen title I purchased  and as soon as heard Patrick Stewart's captivating voice I was hooked. This is one of the very few games that has actually moved me emotionally and has really took a hold of my life. It may sound weird but it's really that damn good.Oblivion is the fourth installment in the Elder Scrolls series and i...

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Good but generic 0

Everyone told me that Killzone 2 was the first game to get when I purchased a PS3. They said it would blow my mind and keep me hooked. Well at first they were right but after a few hours I was just bored. The game did draw me in at the beginning with its gorgeous cinematics . But after playing for a while I found that it was just another shooter with your average tight ass space marines or whatever you want to call them. I didn't really care about the story. In fact I don't really even remember ...

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Awesome, but all in all just more WWII 0

I have always kept a special place in my heart for the Call of Duty franchise. I love how the games mix cinematic elements with intense action and just pure fun. World at War is no different. It has those cinematic elements that draw you in to the story, it has the intense action that keeps your heart pumping, and all in all its just fun to play. But after so many WWII games its getting old fast. Modern Warfare really threw in a fresh new creative idea for the CoD franchise and I feel as though ...

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A refreshing but short lived take on the Red Faction franchise 0

I've been a fan of Red Faction ever since I blasted my first tunnel into a wall in the first game. Whenever I think of innovation in destructible environments, I think of Red Faction. Guerrilla really raises the bar again making the franchise the leader of massive destruction. With all this destruction there comes a cost, however. The game's story and characters are forgettable and Mars is not an attractive enviornment although they did keep it a tad fresh with the slight differences in the zone...

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I'm crashing after Castle Crashing for so long......crashing 0

I've never bought an XBLA arcade game until Castle Crashers. To be honest I was never really interested in the Arcade at all until I found my friend slowly becoming a mindless zombie slave to Castle Crashers' rule over his brain. We usually like the same games so I decided I might as well give it a try. Wow, what a well crafted and brilliantly executed game. The Behemoth has produced a simple yet extremely addictive title that should not be missed by anyone who owns a 360. Castle Crashers is a  ...

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