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Mass Effect Andromeda: 80 hours later, I talked to everyone.

I was lucky that I didn't experience many bugs so I thought I would share my experience. I cleared 95% of the game, save for a bunch of dumb tasks. I feel I may have enjoyed the game more than most, but getting there is perhaps one of the games bigger flaws. The original trilogy was so focused in a way that it was actually difficult to miss prompts around the world. In ME:A, there are so many non quest giving NPC's with dialog whose prompts don't stick out until you get close. On top of that your crew members have far more dialog when it comes to being on the Nexus or other ports. They actually patched in their locations on ports after the fact.

I spent so much time talking to people and crew members off the ship in a way that wasn't nearly as prominent in the original trilogy. The old loop was pretty much: Go do a big mission, then come back and talk to the crew. Rinse and repeat. A lot of the enjoyment I found in ME:A is hidden in these interactions that you would easily miss if your just following your quest log around. I felt that I got to know my crew and the world around them pretty well by the end, even if the main story is one of its weaker points. I spent so much time talking to people in fact that I felt like the writers stopped writing Cora as anything but a love interest after awhile because I pursued someone else and she barely had anything to say ever again except for some short chatter after main missions. This became quite jarring by the end as I started to wonder why she was so underdeveloped as a friend character compared to the rest. Even Lexi had more to say after awhile.