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The Evil Within sets the new current standard for the pure survival-horror genre . 5

I came into The Evil Within knowing almost nothing about it , other than "It's the new Shinji Mikami game " ! Which got me excited , especially for a long time survival-horror fan like myself . Tango Gameworks is Mikami's new dev team published by Bethesda . He is responsible for groundbreaking horror games like Resident Evil 1 , 2 , and 4 . He also helped make fun-ass games such as Devil May Cry , Viewtiful Joe , Vanquish , and Shadows of the Damned . The Evil Within never previewed well to the...

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System Shock 2 is the most atmospheric game ive ever played 0

Masterpiece is the first word that comes out of my mouth when i talk about it. The whole aspect of the game is just mind-blowing. System Shock 2 is an extreme inspiration to Bioshock(if your wondering), so if you love Bioshock, then you'll love this 1999 Game of the Year, in my opinion. Almost every thing in the game is the same idea in Bioshock.  Gameplay------ Superb, from the combat to the amazing upgrading system. Theres so many different ways to upgrade that that alone is THE reason to come...

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Arkham Asylum is simply an incredible achievement... 1

Wow, a game based on a comic book, you know thats gonna suck; wait what? I cant believe im saying this, but Batman Arkham Asylum is Amazing! Why? honestly, i cant really explain it, you just HAVE to try this sucker out. You probably expect this to be a simple and linear game with boring art and level design, but its the exact opposite. Yeah, its an open world; but in a metroid-bioshock kind of way. To put it in a more simple prospective, it has Bioshock's art, Metroid's exploring, and Assassin's...

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Fat Princess is just plain fun... 0

Fat Princess is just a simple, decent strategical, and bloody game. Once theres a good competitive match going, no other online games can beat it, in my opinion. There are 5 unique class's, and once you master a class itll be hard to stop playing the addictive game. I love the cartoony cel-shaded look, its simple gorgeous. There are 8 different maps and are all very different. Sony pulled out all their moves while making this game, and its just another reason why they have the most talented comp...

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"Splosion Man is frustrating fun" 0

While your playing splosion man, you will probably at times hate the game, but when its all set and done you will love it and wanna play it again. First of all, there are some questionable decisions about the difficulty from twisted pixel, but once you beat it once you"ll get used to the stupid decisions.There are 50 levels(mostly awesome) and 3 average boss fights in the game.Its all about timing, quick-ass platforming, and dying 24/7(no worries, theres a lot of checkpoints). The bottomline is ...

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Wow is this game F**ing Awesome...... 0

I would just like to say the users on this site that gave this game bad reviews dont know what a amazing game is soooo dont listen to their dumb ass comments. Littlebigplanet is a create it yourself platformer, and it is made by now one of my favorite develepers Media Molecule. First of all i was dying for this game for a while, and when i got it on day one it was probably the best day i have ever spent playing on a videogame. The story mode that media molecule made was a lot better than i expec...

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A great open world game... 3

I dont like to write long reviews so this wont be any exception. Red Faction Guerrilla is a very good open world game.Its around 12-15 hours long, and if you do everything it will take maybe around 20 hours. The main point of the game is destroying stuff with your hammer,vehicles, or guns. You can destroy basically everything you see except mars itself. There are alot of great missions with a reasonable amount of variety. Your character is Alec Mason and u come to mars to work by your brothers s...

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The best game this year so far..... 2

When looking a few months back, i was really looking forward to this game cause it was made from Sucker punch. But at times i was doubting them and the game, but now after around 70-80 hours spent on this game, i can now say this the most fun ive had in a open world game. The Game play is perfect in my eyes and the missions are so satisfying. There are 40 story missions and around 100 side missions, and u have to go through it twice to experience the whole game's storyline. So theres tons of val...

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