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Right DLC, Wrong Console 0

(WORK IN PROGRESS)I was very excited for the released of Armoured Kill (or Armored Kill for those not using the Queen's English). After the Close Quarters DLC, I was looking forward to what was hopefully a more classical Battlefield experience; where Close Quarters was fast-paced, frenetic, tight, overwhelming, and chaotic, I hoped Armoured Kill would bring more of the tactical, sprawling and planned gameplay we are all used to and enjoy from maps such as Operation Metro and Caspian Border. Clos...

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Not the usual Battlefield you know... 0

I'll admit, when I first heard Battlefield 3's second DLC was going to be Close Quarters, I groaned a tiny bit. "Bloody Call of Duty-pandering limp wrists" I think I said. Since it was really the first true DLC for me (since I picked up Karkand in the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3 to begin with), I really didn't like the idea of the first exciting expansion being something that was so... well, un-Battlefield-y.Disclaimer: This review is not going to be about whether Premium is a good deal or ...

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A Minecraft Newbie's Discourse: GB's First Xbox 360 User Review 4

"Last night I fell into a chasm and had to claw my way out with my bare hands when my pick axe broke. By the time I arrived at the surface, it was night. Wolves bayed at the square moon and a zombie shuffled under the tree ahead. Armed with only a flint and steel, I crept back, hoping to avoid being disemboweled limb from limb.*BOOM!*From behind a fetid creeper explodes, sending me flying, injured and stunned, into the path of the zombie. It turns, mouth crunching on a bone from his last victim,...

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'Ere Be Dragons! The First Giantbomb User Review of Skyrim! 4

The RPG event of the year is finally here. If you're like me, not much else in the gaming world has gotten you as psyched as the arrival of Skyrim. As such, most of what I'm going to comment on in this review will not be much of a surprise to anyone who has been soaking up the snippets of Skyrim goodness that have been slowly released over the last year. Even without a demo, I think most will know what to expect from the new addition to the Elder Scrolls franchise, and likewise, I doubt anything...

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Gears of War it Ain't... 5

It may come from the same developers. It may have kinda similar-looking gruff men. You may not be able to jump (Seriously?? What is Epic's aversion to jumping??). But Bulletstorm is definitely a whole new game. Gears of War it ain't. In fact, I haven't really played a game quite like it. Especially in the carnage department.  You play as a band of space pirates, betrayed by their government and leader, and now hunted throughout the galaxy. You get brought up to speed by a fun, prolonged prologue...

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Reaching for the controller 0

Lame title I kow, but given that this game has had me doing that, I thought it was appropriate. I got Halo Reach pretty much when it came out. I'm a Halo fan from way back, loving the first game, pretty much loving the second game, kinda loving the third, hating ODST (Don't start...) and now, even when I said I'd hold off from buying it, Halo Reach has not left my console yet.  The first thing I played was the game's campaign. I think the campaigns in Halo's franchise really waned sometime betwe...

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Enraptured by... No I won't say it... 0

      Underwater sections are pretty uninspiring however When I first heard of a sequel to my favourite game of all time, the first BioShock, I was really disappointed. Sequels hadn't sat well with me at the time; Gears of War 2, Halo 3: ODST, Far Cry 2, to name a few which I'd been disappointed by. To me, a BioShock sequel was like trying to turn the garden of eden into an amusement park for some more cheap thrills. And then I heard there was going to be multiplayer and I was just certain B...

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