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Surreal day.

Start at Gamespot -----> Move to Giantbomb -----> End up with Giantbomb + Gamespot.


"This is about Giantbomb becoming a better Giantbomb."


Things Keeping Me Awake: Persona 3 FES

It's late at night, obviously time to write about games.

So I finally beat the main game of Persona 3. It took me 99 hours and 11 minutes to complete it, and yet I'm still not completely done with the game. I started "The Answer," which is essentially the epilogue of the main game. I'm planning to write a review after I'm completely done, but I can say that the game is undeniably interesting. As a weird JRPG, Persona makes me feel crazy while playing the game.

Even after playing Persona 3 for so long, all I can say about it still is this game is WEIRD.

(but in a GOOD way ;D )