Still Alive, Still A Threat

Just thought I'd post a few updates, as it's been quite a while since I last blogged.

  • Those of you who haven't been listening to Counter Culture Weekly are missing out. My personal favorite moment on the podcast: recording a Star Trek-esque opening (complete with music).
  • I'm still writing fiction, albeit on an irregular schedule (thanks, AP Euro term paper!). Since I last blogged, I've started two works-in-progress that I hope to turn into novels at some point.
  • I still like anime (and thus, according to Jeff Gerstmann, am still a jerk). I've applied for a panel at Otakon 2010 entitled Anime and the Heroic Journey. Though I won't hold my breath expecting you to come, if you're in Baltimore, MD from July 30th-August 1st, it's probably not the worst thing you could attend, even with all the crazy cosplayers and stupid fanfiction writers.
  • Helicopters are still a threat.
Well, having said all of that, I'm SteepInKline, and I'm Oscar Mike.