2012 Games Beaten

Games that were released in 2012 that I've beaten.

Maybe I'll include my thoughts, if I haven't discussed them in depth on twitter or something. i like twitter! twitter is fun.

List items

  • this game is p dope. one of the dopest games ever? totes. 5/5

  • nu-uh. nu-uhhhh. nope. this is some bullshit. 2/5

  • Rhythm Heaven Fever is a great rhythm game with wonderful music and a lot of personality! 5/5

  • What starts as anime Final Destination with a SMT twist closes with the high-concept science-fiction trappings that we’ve come to expect with Atlus – drawing inspiration from (but not reaching the heights of) the studio’s finest works. Devil Survivor 2 clearly took the criticisms of the first game to heart, and returned championing a SRPG finally worthy of the Shin Megami Tensei title. Improving the characters and character-designs (with a few exceptions) to coincide with some excellent writing and translation, alongside streamlining the battle system (refining the pacing of the combat) put Devil Survivor 2 miles ahead of its predecessor. It is perhaps a bit too familiar in areas – reusing many sprites and areas from the previous game - to make the experience feel revelatory in the way that it deserves. This makes the 45+ hour investment a bit exhausting; the brutal difficulty and an ever-present sense of Déjà vu can make seeing Devil Survivor 2 to it’s satisfying conclusion a bit difficult. But to those who can see past the superficial shortcomings, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 offers a fantastic, deep, and lengthy storytelling and strategy role-playing experience. 4/5

  • i don't know man. i just *don't* know.

  • i like this game. game of the year???? better than...halo?????? that can't be...possible!! a perfect score.......5/5!!?!?!?!

  • it's pretty good

  • no

  • coooool

  • it's not, like, good? but it's not, like, totally bad either?? uhmmmmmmmmmmmm it's like, somewhere in the middle between like, good and bad? like somewhere in there?

  • eh



    (it's the best)