Sunday Blog 09-11-08

Week of 02-11-08 to 09-11-08
5570 (+175)
Games Played: Fable II (X360), Gears of War 2 (X360), The World Ends With You (NDS)

Gears 2 is everything I expected it to be. Intense, great-looking, and fun to play. Nothing less, nothing more. It logically expands upon the original, basically keeps what we loved about it, and then makes everything bigger, better, and more badass.

And that's about it. Not really.

I've only played the campaign. Three things in particular are way better than the original. The story, the scope, and the graphics.
The story is much more cohesive and has direction this time around. In Gears 1, I sometimes didn't know why I was going where I was or what was going on. That's never happened in Gears 2. Everything makes sense. It's much more involving, engrossing and emotional this time around.
The scope is amazing. Bosses are huge and a ton of fun to fight. The levels seem much bigger and more open. The set-pieces are really cool, whether it's a huge creature or palace in the distance. The sinking of Ilima is one of many huge, memorable experiences in the game.
And finally, the graphics. They are definitely better than Gears 1, but many don't think hugely so. I diagree. The game shows off a much more interesting colour palette this time, with blues and greens breaking up the grey, brown and red. The textures are what has really gotten me, though. They are the best I've ever seen. Textures are very important to me; a bad texture can screw up a whole scene IMO, so I'm really happy that the one's in Gears 2 are great.
Needless to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the game. I'm going to be looking for some multiplayer/Horde mode matches in the following days, when I beat the story (unfortunately, I had a part of it spoiled, but I don't think it's anything major *fingers crossed*)
Fable II has obviously been eclipsed this weekend. I'm on my second playthrough and like it even better the second time around. There are some obvious flaws, but it's still a very fun(ny) experience.
I played The World Ends With You a bit on the field trip. I'm on the Week 2 boss. That SOB is beastly.
The trip was pretty good. They always yield some good memories. When you get five dudes in a hotel room, hyped up on Pepsi and chips at 3 a.m., memories do tend to form.
Good times. Good times.
Review for Fable in (slow) progress.