A Summer Drought to Get Excited About

On the Weekend Confirmed podcast last week Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata briefly talked about summer droughts and how it allows them to tackle their pile of shame. That’s exactly the reason why I love summer droughts. Like many gamers, I find it hard to keep up with new releases while pretending to maintain a real life, so I use this lull to catch up on all the unfinished games that hate me.

The summer and winter months used to be the best time to make up ground on games you’ve skipped or haven’t had time to finish, but in the last few years the trend of pushing games back until after the holidays has seen winter releases become just as big as the fall’s. That leaves me with the summer. The perfect time to go outside, get some color in my skin, meet some new people, then hurry myself back into an air conditioned room, cursing the stupid sun for trying to kill me. Does it have to be that hot?

This is my chance to tackle my pile of shame; which so large I’m a little afraid to count it out loud in fear that the hardcore police will knock down my door while I try to perfect my pose in Kinect Adventures. So in order to maintain my hardcore cred, I’m going to start and finish Assassin’s Creed II: Brotherhood. I’m a big fan of the series and I’m really intrigued by where this story is going. Also, at the pace Ubisoft is going, if I wait any longer they’ll take the series into space and all hope of catching up will be lost forever.

That’s the beauty of the summer drought; sure podcasts aren’t talking about much, and blogs are rolling a bit slower, but it’s a nice time to reflect on what we have. Sometimes the Industry moves at such a fast pace it’s hard to not get caught up and skip perfectly good games because the new big thing came along. Summer time droughts are like a pause button for your gaming career. A hot, sweaty pause button.

What are you playing during the summer drought?