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In the recent times, Canada has enhanced its system in many sectors as education, trade, environment and many other sectors. Amongst all these fields, education has been the most transparent bond between two countries as we all know that maximum aspirants from India choose to apply for study visa in Canada from India. More than 200,000 national and international students select Canada for higher study almost every year. According to the data of 2010, around 12,000 aspirants approached for study immigration for Canada visa and for that they apply for student visa. Similarly, in 2013 these numbers doubled almost and is expected to get accelerated as the time comes.

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Immigration process for Canada and citizenship department works in a systematic manner in recruitment of economic class immigrants as skilled labors and business class immigrants in to Canada. The country recognizes the dual citizenship therefore; one may be able to retain the dual citizenship of the country.

The immigration policy of Canada is divided into two separate parts and those are temporary entry to the country and the other is permanent immigration to the country. Under the category of temporary entry the applications for visitor’s visa, work permit visa and also student’s visa. As every year in the year 2019, the study visa to Canada has been showing good accelerating numbers.

Other category of visa is permanent immigration visa. Under this category the cases as conventional refugee or immigration visa of Canada as a spouse falls. This category of permanent immigration can be applied by the independent class, investor and family. As declared by United Nations, for continuously 8 years (1992-1999) that Canada has been the best country to reside for higher studies aspirants, entrepreneurs and also families. Therefore, the number of study visa in Canada for Indian students are subsequently increasing. The firms who are handling these immigration service’s does all the required legal documentation regarding visa types, careers and employment opportunities and also the post landing services. Aspirants should get in touch with these firms and grab the details on how to apply for a Canadian student visa with required guidance at affordable rates.

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