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Quests and DSis..

Well I'm new to this whole blogging things thats apparently kind of catching on with the internet crewz.. This blog entry is probably going to be quite short. Its my first one.
Yeah So I just recently picked up a DSi. Seeing Jeff's blue DSi influenced me to get the blue one which noone can tell me was the wrong choice.. I won't be hearding that mess! Any way I've been wasting hours of my life on Pictobits(Thanks to Brad on his review, it really sold me on this game), FF4, Dark Void Zero over the last few days. Its been great! I've been running around and hanging out at places for long stretches of time, in other words im away from my computer for longer than 30 minutes, and I'm really glad I had my DS there to help me from smashing up against the boredomwall.  
Well thanks for reading. Till next blog.