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A sadly overlooked gem 0

I like movies about giant monsters, and some of the most fun movies about giant monsters tend to involve two or more giant monsters savagely fighting amidst a city.We've had some of these types of games before (the fondly remembered King of Monsters series, and the Godzilla fighting games just to name a few), but for me War of the Monsters was the first of it's kind to get the tone, the feel and the fun of the concept right.From the makers of Twisted Metal, this game takes place in an alternate ...

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Better than the First 0

As you may have read from my review of the first game, I really enjoyed it. Well the second game in the series surpasses it considerably.Set in the same world, (barely a year after the events of the first) with a new threat, some new characters, improved graphics and a significantly improved battle system.After having saved the world from Cosmic Eldritch Abominations, poor Yuri finds himself once again drawn into world events as a War threatens to tear Europe apart. And to make matters worse, he...

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A fun game 0

Had the pleasant experience of finding this series of games.Taking place in a (very loose) alternate history before World War I, (in the same world as the slightly obscure PSX "Koudelka" game) you play as a group of heroes led by the shapeshifting Yuri Hyuga as you battle hordes of demons and other supernatural beings to save the world. Basically take just about EVERY traditional horror/cosmic mythology from various cultures and sprinkle in a good helping of H.P. Lovecraft-inspired elements and ...

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