Amani Trolls should be a playable race in WoW

Blood Elves and Draenei are now finally playable on a free trial account on WoW, (and this blog is way out of date now) on BC of course, and i have millions of spare email accounts so i started on both, as well as gnomes. Now, Draenei are quite comparable to Night Elves (as are Blood Elves, in a way. Despite being in Lordaeron and being much brighter, their structures have an almost similar built with the winding staircases, guess it's a given among all Elves) The Draenei are also ALIENS! that makes things much cooler. But i have to favour Blood Elves cos i've long been a fan of (High)Elves, and Trolls, and their rivalry.

Looking back if i had to point out one thing about my first memory of Warcraft, it had to be the red faced Troll Axethrower and their upgrade, the awesome Berserker. First we had Orcs vs Humans, then we had Elves and Trolls join in, along with Dwarves, Ogres and all these races. In Warcraft 3, the first Warcraft game that i actually personally OWNED and played to the end, the awesome FOREST Trolls were REPLACED by the DARKSPEAR! You know the reason i bought that game was to control a Troll Axethrower/Berserker! But yeah we still had them in mobs AND IF YOU PLAY THE INTRO CAMPAIGN ALL THE WAY THROUGH, where Thrall is looking for the prohet, right around that last corner you can climb a hill where a group of FOREST TROLLS are resting. If you attack them Thrall would mention his DISGUST in these old accomplices of the Horde! Then we get the backstory around the maelstrom in FT and later on a certain WoW patch they let out Zul'Jin's story about the split of the Amani from the rest of the Horde. WHY are Forest Trolls neutral now? Wait, not neutral, they're ENEMIES of the Horde. DO WE NEED a Darkspear to fill in? I mean we do need Trolls, but dammit do you HAVE to kill the old dog and get a new one? why can't we keep BOTH? we got NIGHT Elves, BLOOD Elves and FORESAKEN, 2 races of playable elves and an amalgamated race including elves and Humans.

Now on the Blood Elf campaign, my rogue (why would you PLAY any other class?) has to go to Tor'Watha and Zeb'Watha to slay TROLLS!!!!! :D I mean, i love the green skins, but in the World of Warcraft, killing is an act of respect! (I try to avoid unnecessary slaying of feral animals that don't relate directly to the storyline, until i have to for more exp. points. But other races, totally cool to kill or die with honor) This makes a lot of sense because the Trolls and High Elves always hated each other, and current Blood Elves are what we have left of the original "high" elves. And later on, what makes this better is that the Blood Elf had to slay ghosts of High Elves in the Ghostlands later! It's totally justified because the SCOURGE is behind this, employing the spirits of Quel'Dori to mess with the Foresaken AND the Blood Elves (my favourite playable races).

Another thing about Zeb'watha is you discover a caged Jungle Troll who gives you a quest. He mentions that the Darkspear hate the Amani AS MUCH as the Elves do, making them official enemies of 2 factions of the New Horde, and considering Thrall's comment in RoC, maybe the whole Horde. Of course the old Horde is much different from the new since they were destructive and chaotic. This may mean that the Orc-Troll relationship was only possible when the Orcs were under demonic influence.

So where do Forest Trolls stand now? As outcasts. They're neutral (and free, i guess) but they're also evil, voodoo practicing enemies of the Horde, and you can't expect the Alliance to have a friendly attitude toward them can you? Now that their old capitol Zul'Aman is within the Ghostlands, what do that make the Trolls? Zombies??? It's like NO ONE like Trolls anymore! They are the new ORCS, targets for all players to take their anger out on equally. But this is NOT FAIR! And here's why the Amani deserve more respect

1) The Amani were one of the oldest races on the world, along with Nerubi, and

1.5) they were not just a tribe they were an EMPIRE! Night Elves, Satyrs, Naga High Elves or Blood Elves would not have been possible without the Forest Trolls and they should consider the FT as ancestors and love them.

2) I'd say the Forest Troll faction joining the Horde, along with their beautifully portrayed enmity with the original Elves, (In the Second game) is an important part of Warcraft history that doesn't have to be fucked with.

3) Axes are cooler than spears and "head hunters" (wtf?)

3.b) and Forest Trolls got broader shoulders (along with Ice and other kinds) than Darkspear wretches

3.c) they are greener and live in a better environment than those fish mongers (although that Jamaican accent would not be possible without the Rasta beach heads) The colours and their(FT) culture appeal to me more but i'm not necessarily saying i despise Jungle Trolls for any reason other than being a replacement for my old favourites.

3.d) Forest and Jungle Trolls have very different cultures, it's too bad that players would be denied a chance to enjoy both options, while there are other races who are so similar that they could be identical (Night Elves compared to Draenei and Blood E)

4) Berserkers are awesome, and they're a signature of the FT, even though Orcs are given the racial ability. There were no Berserker upgrades in WC I, and Troll Berserkers have existed from the Second war throught the 3rd all the way to fucking WoW BC (and even Cataclysm if they did, i'm not sure about that) So one could argue that despite the bullshit origins from Outworld in novels that came much later, the Trolls TAUGHT the Orcs about Berserk-ism. Trolls did teach the Horde a few tricks.

5) The tusks and other facial arrangements of the darkspear are so ridiculous, not to mention their hairstyles. Forest Trolls had better style.

6) Forest Trolls will fucking KILL you. They're dangerous. They're hard to trust and make great characters in parties. The party's well being may be at stake but they will make good stories.

7) Human can have Dwarves and Gnomes, that are so alike (i don't care about their precious little pretences at any uniqueness, they're both short, they invent stuff and their missions fall in the same general area) why can't the Horde have 2 kinds of Troll? Most of the Horde is in Orgrimmar, true, so the Lordaeron counterparts are limited, and Lordaeron should go to the Alliance, (i guess) but the Horde still HAS members in Lordaeron.

8) Considering how Zul'Aman and a few other tribes are in the Ghostlands (as of BC) and how the High Elves have fallen to the undead and carry on as Foresaken, maybe the logical thing to do IF you want Forest Trolls to be playable is have variations of Foresaken players. That race is not made of one race but of members of a few that banded together on their mutual fate. So, i guess if you would re-introduce Forest Trolls (a DYING race) as part of the Horde, they could be at least Foresaken zombies, that were hiding since Arthas' culling of the Elvish lands. Maybe they raided human farms and fell to the plague.

The fact that the queen of the Foresaken is a Windrunner, not just an Elf, and not just a Ranger, but a fierce captain of Elven Rangers who no doubt hated Trolls would be a problem but conflict is what makes these stories interesting.