Probably not

Because then it wouldn't be Forever anymore.. :S

No but I think it'll come out at some point in one shape or another. I mean, we will get Duke Nukem games in the future...right? :(


Demoscene stuff on Giant Bomb

One thing I noticed while browsing oldschool platforms like the Amiga and Atari ST was that even games released by the fine folks in the demoscene are listed here.
For example SuperFly by the demogroup Reservoir Gods. It's a clone of the flash game "Fly the copter" for the Atari ST. I added some pics to it but they haven't showed up yet.
I hope this trend of adding demogroups, and games from them to the database continues because I think that's cool as hell.
I'll add a couple of other demogroups as well. And I'll make sure they have actually released a game and not just demos :)


This was pretty fun.

So far I've added pictures for about 10 old games and some newer ones too. It's kinda satisfying to see your submissions get approved and see the points rolling in. I could totally see myself doing this to kill some time instead of browsing 4chan doing nothing.
In fact, I think I may have become addicted for real already.

If only submissions would get approved faster. There's a ton of stuff I have submitted that haven't been approved yet.
But it's understandable of course. It's just the third day of the site and it pretty much exploded when it launched. That's what I call a Giant Bomb!